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A Nutella Breakfast?

Hamilton Nolan says No: Residents of America: have you been approached by a friendly-looking man offering you free sweets from the back of a truck? Beware! This is not just any garden variety perv; it is a European perv, trying to corrupt our youth—by convincing them that “Nutella” is an acceptable breakfast item. It is not…. [Read More…]

Decline in Religion

Pew study on religion, and here is a brief summary with a graph: What does this mean for parents? for churches? for pastors? Some Evidence of Decline in Religious Commitment in the U.S. Public The continued growth of the religiously unaffiliated is one of several indicators suggesting that the U.S. public gradually may be growing [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Jeff K. Clarke: “That message sounds very different from the de-storified, don’t-go-to-hell, ask-Jesus-into-your-heart-message that has permeated much of Western Evangelicalism. Maybe we need to re-capture Jesus’ discipleship message if we truly desire people (and ourselves) to follow him along the path of discipleship. Maybe we need to begin creating a gospel culture of discipleship that sets people [Read More…]