California, what’s in your head?

Mercy, University of California goes from this ageless logo:


To this!

This ranks up there with the Baptist General Conference going to “Converge International Worldwide”

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  • AHH

    The cynic in me might say that the fading-away C represents the dwindling of state financial support for the University in recent years.
    — AHH, UC-Berkeley Ph.D. 1988

  • Andrew

    Oh dear…I attend a UC AND a Converge Worldwide church…

  • RJS

    Converge Worldwide – not Converge International.

    A national trend … as at my current U the timeless logo is now reserved only for the regents and we are “required” to use something only slightly better than the fading C. (OK more than slightly better than the fading C.)

    And to go with AHH – RJS, UC-Berkeley Ph.D. 1986

  • Yes, I agree with RJS. I work for a branding agency that focuses on higher education, and most of our college and university clients have a similar seal that’s not used as a logo, but used on official communications from the highest offices and on commencement materials.

  • And although that new logo isn’t a winner (or a loser, it’s just kind of blah), the entire new brand working together with all of the materials and stuff is quite remarkable. You can see what I’m talking about on this design and branding blog.

  • And one more thing, sorry for the multiple comments, but you can see in the link I shared above that the “seal” wasn’t even the logo, they had a type treatment they were using as their logo. The seal still exists, it’s been cleaned up as well.

  • Joshua Wooden

    What’s in their head? I’ll take a wild shot in the dark.

    Marijuana. Lots of it.

  • EricMichaelSay

    Collin is right about the seal vs the crest.

    The fading C is also not the primary logo. As a designer I will be very disappointed if this identity gets replaced, especially from a budgetary standpoint as this very good system was 4 years in development…

  • Stephen W

    You lot – sometime you’re just so…



  • Scott Gay

    It’s representative of a state melting into a solid progressiveness.

  • nathan

    Welp, the Baptist General Conference didn’t sound great either. And my dad was a BGC pastor.
    And, frankly, the word “Baptist” has cultural baggage that isn’t really worth fighting to “redeem”. Besides, most low-church evangelicals are baptistic in practice even if not in formal identity.

    Then again, the BGC (and the EFCA) are really just associations of independent churches and the way most people engage with them are at the local level. The denominational identity really doesn’t mean anything except for a very small minority of people.

    Full disclosure, I pastor at a Converge church, but the BGC/Converge moniker plays no role in my personal sense of ministerial identity. But that’s really what you get when you assert the local independent congregation as being the only real game.

  • Might be some sort of Rorschach thing happening here.

  • DuWayne Lee

    I served churches in fellowship with the Baptist Conference for 38 years. I am deeply disappointed with the strange name Converge Worldwide. I do not have a clue as to what that is supposed to mean. I have very little contact with a fellowship that I loved and served for so many years.

  • John L

    Hopefully, the traditional “seal” will not change. I sort of like the new “brand identity” logo. We’ve been visiting the gorgeous UC campuses with my son, who applied two weeks ago. Ironically, the highest academically-rated UC was our least favorite campus experience. Our favorites: UCLA, Irvine, Santa Barbara. UC San Diego is in a gorgeous area (La Jolla), but we were underwhelmed with the campus itself. One of the real issues with UC today is that less than 2/3 of the students can actually graduate in 4 years.

  • Jeremy

    Yep, it’s ugly. I wonder how bad the ones they DIDN’T choose were!

  • On behalf of Old Blues everywhere, I am truly sorry that you have to be exposed to this …logo… #mortified

    MikeK, Cal ’84.