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History of Smoking: Good Info here

History of Smoking infographic [Read more…]

A Question: Should churches be in the marrying business?

From Robin Dugall: I believe it is time to separate the civil and “religious” ceremonies of marriage.  In light of the conversations, issues of civil rights and cultural discourse that has surrounded the issue of marriage for “centuries” (believe me, for you students of history, we are not the only people who have struggled with [Read More…]

Faith and Vocation – as a Scientist (RJS)

I have had the opportunity to participate over the last few days in a workshop on Evolution and Christian Faith that is a part of the BioLogos grant program. It is always refreshing to be part of a gathering that values intellectual engagement with our faith and incorporates worship into the meeting. Those who work [Read More…]

Man of God Syndrome

By Steve Hill: Thank you Steve Hill. What are two marks of this man-of-God syndrome? What does this have to do with the man-of-God syndrome? Everything. A “syndrome” is a group of symptoms that characterize a particular abnormality. The man-of-God syndrome describes people who “think more highly than they ought” of their positions in the [Read More…]