Responses to No Historical Adam (RJS)

Last Tuesday I put up a summary (No Historical Adam?) of Denis Lamoureux’s chapter in the new book from the Zondervan Counterpoints series: Four Views on the Historical Adam.  Denis presents a view that we should recognize the Adam story as an accommodation to an ancient Near Eastern understanding of human origins.  In today’s post we [Read More...]

No Historical Adam? (RJS)

Last week I introduced a new book from the Zondervan Counterpoints series: Four Views on the Historical Adam.  The contributors to the book include Denis Lamoureux, John Walton, C. John Collins, and William Barrick. The views presented range from no historical Adam (Lamoureux) to young earth creation with Adam as the unique father of the [Read More...]

The Artistry of Creation, Cosmic Temple, and Imago Dei (RJS)

On Tuesday we looked at the first half of chapter two of J. Richard Middleton’s book The Liberating Image: The Imago Dei in Genesis 1. In this half Middleton concluded that Genesis 1 intentionally conveys a royal metaphor for God as creator, but this is a complex metaphor and must not be understood as a [Read More...]

The Historical Adam (RJS)

One of the most contentious issues involved in the discussion of the intersection between Christian faith and evolutionary biology is the question of Adam: historical, unique, mythical, archetypal, representative, something else? The recent clarification of the statement of faith at Bryan College is an example of the depth of feeling this issue can evoke. Lines [Read More...]

No Text is an Island (RJS)

Chapter two of J. Richard Middleton’s book The Liberating Image: The Imago Dei in Genesis 1 turns to the the meaning of the imago Dei in context of 1:26-28 and in the broader context of Genesis 1:1-2:3 and in the context of the symbolic world that gives rise to Genesis 1:1-2:3. Although he sees value [Read More...]

Once Again: Immortality is a Divine Gift! (RJS)

The picture to the right is of a hawk that landed with its fresh caught meal outside the window on campus a couple of weeks ago. It was mesmerizing to watch (I’ve got some video clips as well). I was quite distracted from my meeting. Theology did not enter my mind at the time, but it [Read More...]

Evolution, Death, Adam, Wright (RJS)

Back in July I put up a post Adam, Adam, Adam, Wright that discussed a range of views on the topic of Adam. In the post I quoted from an interview between Andrew Wilson and N.T. Wright where the question of Adam came up. Recently I happened on another interview, this one when Justin Brierley [Read More...]

All About Adam (RJS)

From The Economist All About Adam commenting on the ETS session at Baltimore (HT R): A trickier controversy has been triggered by findings from the genome that modern humans, in their genetic diversity, cannot be descended from a single pair of individuals. Rather, there were at least several thousand “first humans”. That challenges the historical [Read More...]

Is It (or “OT”) All About Land? (RJS)

Pete Enns has a couple of interesting posts recently: And the main point of the entire Old Testament is…. followed by The gospel and the transformation of Israel’s story beyond its borders. These posts are worth some thought and some discussion. From the intro to his first post (highlights and emphasis in the original): I [Read More...]

Adam, Adam, Adam … Wright (RJS)

All together now … Duck, Duck, Duck, Gray Duck. I prefer this to pin the tail on the donkey.  In this game someone is in the middle, someone is it, and we get to chase each other around in circles, having fun together. Last Thursday Scot put up a clip, Strong Words, Certainly Fair, from [Read More...]