All About Adam (RJS)

From The Economist All About Adam commenting on the ETS session at Baltimore (HT R): A trickier controversy has been triggered by findings from the genome that modern humans, in their genetic diversity, cannot be descended from a single pair of individuals. Rather, there were at least several thousand “first humans”. That challenges the historical [Read More...]

Is It (or “OT”) All About Land? (RJS)

Pete Enns has a couple of interesting posts recently: And the main point of the entire Old Testament is…. followed by The gospel and the transformation of Israel’s story beyond its borders. These posts are worth some thought and some discussion. From the intro to his first post (highlights and emphasis in the original): I [Read More...]

Adam, Adam, Adam … Wright (RJS)

All together now … Duck, Duck, Duck, Gray Duck. I prefer this to pin the tail on the donkey.  In this game someone is in the middle, someone is it, and we get to chase each other around in circles, having fun together. Last Thursday Scot put up a clip, Strong Words, Certainly Fair, from [Read More...]

Reading Genesis for All it is Worth! (RJS)

Last Thursday I put up a post The Garden in Ancient Context looking at the discussion in John Walton’s background commentary on Genesis (Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary). The first comment on this post made a point that comes up frequently in the discussion of the historicity of the Genesis account of origins (Gen 1-11). [Read More...]

The Garden in Ancient Context (RJS)

I picked up a fascinating book a few weeks ago – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy (Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary) . This is the first of a five volume set brought to my attention through a post on Pete Enns’s blog with, as usual for him, a nice pithy title Learn about the Cultural [Read More...]

The Primacy of Scripture, Adam, and the Fall (RJS)

The questions surrounding Adam and Eve and the Fall in Genesis 2-3 and concerning the role of inspiration in the formation of the Bible are issues that  won’t go away any time soon. They are not the only issues at play in discussions of science, Christian faith, and the intellectual coherence,  but they are major [Read More...]

Jesus on Adam and Eve (RJS)

There has been small internet storm surrounding the remarks by Andy Stanley on Adam and Eve, and on Denny Burk’s response. Scot posted on this yesterday, but focused on what he saw as a poor hermeneutic at work in the remarks of Burk. I would like to address a different issue, also hermeneutical, and one [Read More...]

Adam and Christ, where do we begin?

J. Daniel Kirk, a fine young professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, has a new piece at the Fuller website on Adam and Christ. He’s asking if we need a historical Adam to believe what Paul says about Christ, but Daniel turns it around: since we know about Christ we can learn to think about Adam. [Read More...]

A Competent Creator? (RJS)

Chapter five of Daniel Harrell’s book, Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith, begins with a joke (p. 69): A scientist tells God that he’s figured out how to create life from the dust of the ground, just like God did in the beginning. Consequently, the scientist says, he’s shown that God is no longer [Read More...]

The Tortuous and Torturous Path of Evolution (RJS)

What about death? The next few chapters of Daniel Harrell’s book, Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith, looks at the theological questions raised by the possibility of evolutionary creation. Providence. He considers the question of providence and introduces some categories. There is ordinary providence (the everyday workings of the “natural” world), extraordinary providence (as [Read More...]