Why Be Anglican: The Collects

The collects of the church reveal the church’s practices and beliefs about prayer; a collect is a set prayer for a set time in the church calendar. In them we see the church’s theology of prayer come to expression. I posted about the collects here and included a reference to a fine book “collecting” the collects: C. [Read More…]

An Anglican Approach to the New Testament

By Wes Hill: Admittedly, though, most of the time, in my own theological reading and writing, I don’t pay much attention to “distinctively Anglican” theology. I confess I’m more apt to read Karl Barth than Richard Hooker, and I’m generally more interested in Augustine and Aquinas than I am in the niceties of intra-Anglican discussions [Read More…]

What is Anglicanism? (J.I. Packer Speaks)

Recently Michael Jensen, at TGC’s site, had a post about the nature of Anglicanism that focused quite rigorously on a conservative version of Reformed soteriology, and you can read his emphases at the link. I countered a bit by suggesting it was creedal to the core. But now another heavyweight, J.I. Packer, has weighed in [Read More…]

South Carolina Anglicans

Source: A conservative breakaway Anglican diocese in the US has won a court battle to keep more than $500 million worth of church property. The Episcopal Church (TEC) has no claim on the property of the Diocese of South Carolina or its churches, according to Circuit Court Judge Diane Goodstein. She wrote in her decision [Read More…]

One More Thing about Anglicanism

Michael Jensen, at The Gospel Coalition, briefly sketched nine things he wants people to know about the Anglican Church. I have clipped only his bold-faced points and you can read his short explanations at the link above but then I want to add one more point, something he did not mention that puts it all [Read More…]

Rt. Rev. Foley Beach, new Archbishop

We have a new Archbishop in the Anglican Church of North America: Author:  George Conger The House of Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) has elected the Rt. Rev. Foley Beach as its second archbishop in succession to the Most Rev. Robert Duncan. Meeting in a private conclave at St Vincent College [Read More…]

My Anglican Journey

Beginning at 10am on April 26 in a service at the Church of the Redeemer (Highland Park) I will be ordained into the Sacred Order of Deacons. I grew up among America’s Baptists (CBofA), attended Cornerstone University (GARB sponsored at the time), went to TEDS (EvFree) and then did my doctorate at Nottingham, began my teaching [Read More…]