Apologetics in a Bible of Paradox

Apologetics in a postmodern world is looking less for historical proof, scientific demonstration, and systematic omniscience. Rather, it is looking for honest, open, and genuine probings that have less certitude while holding firm to belief in a good God who loves us but who has not created a world where everything ends up with happy [Read More…]

Is Faith Unintelligent? (Donald Nwankwo)

By Donald Nwankwo, newly ordained Deacon in the Anglican Church. “I don’t live by faith. I live smart,” I overheard someone say in a group conversation. I recently heard someone else comment on a TV show: “I wonder why Christians choose to live by a book written thousands of years ago. They need to get [Read More…]

Willard and the Problem of Evil

Here is perhaps the strongest argument for some against the Christian belief in theism, and that theism being a good God who loves us and cares about life on planet earth: If Christianity is true, then God is both benevolent toward humankind and infinitely powerful. If God is benevolent toward humankind and infinitely powerful, then [Read More…]

Willard’s Beautiful Apologetics

An argument can be made that the best apologists often don’t do apologetics. They live with commendable character, they teach and preach and write well, and they minister to others in such a way that their faith is compelling. Dallas Willard was that kind of apologist. In other words he did apologetics but not the [Read More…]

Intelligent Apologetics

I recently read — at the instigation of a friend’s recommendation — one of the English-speaking world’s finer minds, Roger Scruton, and I began with his The Soul of the World (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2014). It is an intelligent apologetics, a flat-lining of the omnicompetency of science (scientism, naturalism, empiricism) and a probing of the [Read More…]

WL Craig vs. J Crossley

From Wintery Knight, who summarizes the conclusions in the debate between ever-debating Bill Craig and ever-willing-to-debate James Crossley. I have found Crossley reasonable in his debates with traditionalists even when I disagree.  What do you think of debates like these? What good do they do? Is this kind of apologetics the best way to “defend” [Read More…]

Benefit of the Doubt

Many learn that the best faith is certaintist faith, that doubt is the worst kind of failure, and that when in doubt one should pluck up the courage to believe. Greg Boyd, in what will surely become a standard point of departure for conversations about faith and doubt, Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of [Read More…]

Arguing for God

The field of Christian apologetics often forms arguments for the existence of God, and in doing so knows that God needs no defense though human minds are made to think and reason and what the human mind wants is a reasonable explanation for the existence of God. Many want belief in God to be reasonable. [Read More…]

Christianity is Falsifiable, which makes it distinctive among religions

C. Michael Patton: This is a belief that has been a source of contention with many people, even Christians, in the past. But the more I research, the more I find this to be the case. I believe that Christianity is the only viable worldview that is historically defensible. The central claims of the Bible [Read More…]

Make or Break Issues for the Church

I like “make or break” discussions because they reveal what is considered to be deep and enduring. So I liked to see that C. Michael Patton set out eight issues that are not make or break issues. I have clipped the discussion so you can go to the site to read the whole discussion. Here is [Read More…]