Can we compare religions? Brian Zahnd

I know Brian Zahnd and found his courage here both refreshing and honest: But am I suggesting that we should engage in an objective study of comparative religions? No. In fact, I think such an undertaking is impossible. Not inadvisable, but literally impossible. You can only experience a religion by being a believer within the faith and [Read More…]

Adam Hamilton on Why?

I love Adam Hamilton’s book, Why?: Making Sense of God’s Will, It is short. It’s wise. It asks four big questions: Why do the innocent suffer? Why do my prayers go unanswered?What can’t I see God’s will for my life? Why God’s love prevails? But this isn’t a book that gives all the traditional answers; in [Read More…]

Freedom and God (Jeff Cook)

#1 reason for God: Love and Freedom Whether you are a committed materialist, a believer in God, or something quite different—knowing why you come down where you do on this question is a mark of a good character, of a thoughtful soul, of a person who cares about what reality is like. Today we hit [Read More…]

Meaning in Pain Proves there’s a God (Jeff Cook)

Meaning in Pain Proves There’s a God (Jeff Cook) Today we hit what I see as the second best reason to believe in a God, and as I outline in more detail in Everything New, this is the reason I not only believe in a God, but a very specific God. Anyone who thinks seriously about God has [Read More…]

Cigarette-Driven Monkeys and God’s Existence

Cigarette-Driven Monkeys Composing Hamlet Prove God’s Existence  (Jeff Cook) Train a hundred monkeys in a room to randomly strike a keyboard, provide them all the bananas and cigarettes they want, and given enough time one of them will eventually compose Hamlet. In fact, give the room of monkeys an infinite amount of time and they will [Read More…]

God is Real because our Brains are Reliable

God is Real Because Our Brains are Reliable (Jeff Cook) Socrates said, “Philosophy begins with wonder” and nearly all human beings at all times have looked at the world around them and, given its beauties, powers, and complexities, asked if what they saw was designed by a mind for a purpose. Whether you are a [Read More…]

Re-Run: Jeff Cook and Desire and God

This post is by our friend Jeff Cook… They Don’t Believe Because Your God Isn’t Desirable I watched the recent debate between William Lane Craig, a Christian, and Sam Harris an Atheist. The debate (seen Here) was over the foundations of morality. The Christian addressed the philosophical question at hand with skill and insight. By [Read More…]

The Argument from You: Jeff Cook

You Prove God’s Existence (Argument #4 for God’s Existence) Most people think they exist.  Even Descartes, who set out to doubt everything, found he could not rightly doubt his own existence. But some stories, like Materialism, make believing in one’s self problematic. This may seem ridiculous at first, but notice: Materialism tells us a story [Read More…]

Conscience: What does it tell us?

Jeff Cook’s series on arguments for God continues with this reflection on conscience. What does the argument for conscience do for you? We are quickly approaching the half way point. This is an argument from Peter Kreeft. Both Aquinas and Aristotle use the style here, and it’s a helpful framework for those arguing for God’s [Read More…]

Does Beauty Point to God?

This series, on arguments for God, is by Jeff Cook (info at the bottom). His argument today is about beauty — does beauty point us to God? Does it you? How so?  Deep Beauty There are sunrises. There is the music of Bach, John Coltrane, and Sigur Ros. There are the hands of an infant. Therefore, there [Read More…]