Infant Baptism: Brief Defense

Kevin DeYoung has a (very) brief defense of infant baptism posted at the TGC website. (I have now a 25 page paper or so for my own defense, but it will be published in the Colossians-Philemon commentary I’m now writing. After emphasizing fellowship with many Baptists/paedo-baptists, he gives his basic approach — covenant theology. 1. [Read More...]

Baptized Too Early? What do you think?

Pastor Roger, speaking from a “free” church baptistic context (no infant baptism) and concerned about a failure to understand what one is getting into, wonders aloud if churches are baptizing by profession too many too young: What is your wisdom on this one? I was seven years old. I was baptized by immersion on Mothers’ [Read More...]

Baptizing Against Your Will (by Jason Micheli)

To Be Read at Your Confirmation:   Dear Tyler and Parker, In the event the bishop has whisked me away to another parish or, more likely, exiled me to the Eastern Shore, allow me to introduce myself. I’m the right reverend Jason, as in I’m right in most things and reverent about very few. I’m [Read More...]

Rowan Williams on the Christian Life

Here’s a question at the front of any genuine understanding of the Christian life, but I suspect some will ask how an answer to this question can help us understand the Christian life. The question? This: What does (your) baptism mean for your life? One of the ironies of church life is that those who [Read More...]

Water of Division

John, who got nicknamed “baptizer” either to distinguish him from other Yohanans or to signal the importance of his baptism, baptized and Jesus baptized — or he insisted on his associates baptizing (John 3:22-26; 4:1-2; Matthew 28:16-20). These two sorts of baptisms are not found in the Jewish world in quite the same way as [Read More...]

Baptism: How Early?

This post is for (or about) credo-baptists, or for those who don’t practice infant baptism, and are discussing at what age a person can be baptized. That is, at what age does a person become responsible enough to be baptized? Traditionally, many baptize at “the age of accountability,” which often means about 12 or so. [Read More...]

Confirmation: Thoughts?

I got this note from a pastor in a denomination that baptizes infants and then proceeds to catechism and confirmation, but this pastor has his doubts. What wisdom do you have for him and for us? Let me insert another question here: What percentage of those who go through the catechism/confirmation process are turned down? [Read More...]

The Original Heresy?

What was the original heresy? It’s not false teaching with respect to the Trinity, or perhaps it is. It’s not denial of the deity of Christ, or perhaps it is… Rodney Reeves’ new book, Spirituality according to Paul: Imitating the Apostle of Christ, suggests it is connected to baptism and, in particular, what baptism dramatizes [Read More...]

The Baptism Question

One of the fundamental questions many today ask of baptism is this: Does it do anything? Or, is it effective for salvation? Where are you on the baptism questions? What are your clear and fixed points? Are you at the Sacramental end or the Symbolic end of this discussion? Is it possible to construct a [Read More...]