It’s American for our Politicians to Reference the Bible

Over the years I have been as pleased as annoyed when politicians — from Kennedy (my earliest memory of a president) to Trump (harumph) — quote the Bible or allude to the Bible or make use of the Bible when they are speaking. Daniel Dreisbach, in his new and very well researched book, Reading the Bible [Read More…]

Questions about Bible Reading

It is common to say — I’ve said it many times — that the Bible is more available to more people today than ever and read no more than at any time in church history. At any rate, for all its availability it’s not known or quoted as much as it ought to be. Some [Read More…]

The Bible and America

The United States of America chose intelligently and rigorously not to have a national religion/faith. American Christians have not been so rigorous, even if intelligent. Instead of a national religion we have Americans of all persuasions seeking to express their viewpoints and claims and, at the same time, using the political process to implement those [Read More…]

The Thrust of the Biblical Plot (RJS)

A while ago I was taken to task in a (late) comment on a post I put up discussing the Bible’s plot line. I find the short hand creation – fall – redemption – new creation or consummation (CFRC) to be an over simplification that under emphasizes the Old Testament and leaves the impression that [Read More…]

Scripture and (Ancient) Cosmology (RJS)

The Bible is a collection of ancient texts. The most recent, by any reckoning, were written over nineteen hundred years ago. The oldest date back another five hundred to a thousand years and likely use sources dating back even further.  They relate events that happened in the ancient world and were originally intended for an [Read More…]

Word and Worship

I have had a conversation with a number of Bible professors about the state of the Bible in America’s churches and among America’s Christians. The drive to relate everything to “felt needs” shakes loose the foundations from a Word-shaped spirituality. The difference is noticeable and significant: instead of listening to the Bible because it is [Read More…]

A Chosen People!? (RJS)

The second chapter of R. W. L. Moberly’s Old Testament Theology: Reading the Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture turns to an issue that raises many questions about Judaism and Christianity – the status of Israel as a chosen people.  Two related, but distinct, questions are raised in this chapter – the first is the exclusive [Read More…]

If I Wrote an Intro to the Bible Text

I have no plans to write an introduction to the Bible textbook, but if I did it would complement lectures, overlapping at times, lead students to read the Bible more and encourage them to see the grandeur of the Bible. The major idea for each chapter would have this approach: Here’s something to know so [Read More…]

Is the Story Dangerous? (RJS)

The final chapter of Iain Provan’s book Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matters gives an answer to the question suggested by the title. Is Christianity, grounded as it is in the Old Testament Story with new dimensions from the New Testament, actually dangerous? Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion) [Read More…]

Three Ways to Avoid Reading the Old Testament

By Jayson Bradley, where you can read the full essay: What would you add to his list of three? But Jesus validates the Old Testament, and so I’ve come to a place where I enjoy wrestling with this inspiring (and often frustrating) collection of books. But there are ways that many churches and pastors handle the [Read More…]