Book Comments: Bird and Hansen

We’ve now completed our commentary listing, but commentaries will continue to be produced so I will use the Book Comments to update commentaries. I want to mention two that have recently crossed my desk.  First, there is a brand new series from Wipf and Stock — Cascade Books — edited by Michael Bird and Craig [Read More...]

Faith and the Future 3 (RJS)

The central portion of Harvey Cox’s new book The Future of Faith lays out the New Perspective on The Church – which is no longer new. It is broad brush summarized as follows: Jesus taught and enacted a kingdom vision. His immediate followers were committed to this vision Paul’s disavowal of the necessity to submit [Read More...]

Friday is for Friends: Rachel Held Evans

Hello, my name is Rachel, and I’m a recovering Bible snob. I haven’t always been this way.  As a child, the stories of the Bible enthralled me. I believed in them the way one believes in dinosaurs, Camelot, Abraham Lincoln, and other magical things that happened once upon a time. As a teenager, the Bible [Read More...]

Using and Abusing Scripture

Manfred Brauch, now retired from many years of teaching at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer), calls us to a more serious approach to Scripture in order to end the all-too-common abuse of Scripture.  Scripture is used for everything by everyone … what I mean is that everyone thinks the Bible is on their side. [Read More...]

Book Comments: Commentary Set of the Year

I just spent a bundle of time with John H. Walton, who is the General Editor of a brand new series on the Old Testament, and it is a series we desperately need. This new series is a commentary unlike any commentary series ever because, instead of just being a commentary, it is a commentary [Read More...]

Bible and Authority Revisited 2 (RJS)

[We've added the captcha text because we were bombarded by a spammer Monday. We hope the captcha text will disappear with the spammer soon.] Last week I posted a question by a reader asking about categories of biblical literature and their “wooden historicity”. There was another aspect to the comment though, and another question well [Read More...]

The Dark Side of Bible Reading: by Jeremy Berg

Jeremy Berg is a youth pastor; he’s done some Friday is for Friends for us, but I wanted to get this one up today.  I have long been irritated by a common critique or complaint people have after listening to a biblical exposition of a passage.  This is especially true of teenagers after hearing their [Read More...]

Bible and Authority Revisited (RJS)

A couple of weeks ago I had a brief post asking why the scientific theory of evolution was a challenge for faith, but a scientific theory explaining weather was not a problem. (See here for the post: God, Science, and Evolution (RJS)).  One of the comments on that post leads me to a new question [Read More...]

The TNIV: Express your ideas

If you have not heard, here’s the basic scoop: Yesterday Christianity Today wrote a piece, a bit on the sensational side, to say the TNIV was being put to rest because of mistakes. Well, as the story developed yesterday, it became a bit clearer that something else was going on. The TNIV, in fact, is [Read More...]

From NIV to NIVi to TNIV to the NIV 2011

From Christianity Today .… [Added: I'm confident, as I look over the CT piece now that it has been expanded, that the NIV Committee for Bible Translation will not squash the TNIV into history but will improve the NIV in light of gains from the TNIV.  I have every reason to think the new NIV [Read More...]