A New Commentary Series

Baker Academic has done something that should lead all of us to a moment of thanksgiving: I could be wrong, but I think Baker is the first evangelical publishing house that has a commentary series on the Bible by and for Roman Catholics. The new series is called “Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scriptures” and I’ve [Read More...]

Bible Study Guides

Somewhere in the 1980s two things happened: home Bible studies began to flourish and home Bible studies began to study books other than the Bible. Explanations probably abound, and there is no reason to speculate why this happened or debate the value of book studies (other than the Bible). At one time, small groups opened [Read More...]

On the Public Reading of Scripture

I don’t know if seminaries teach seminarians how to read the Bible publicly. I don’t recall one student in my dozen or so years teaching seminary students ever mentioning public reading of Scripture as a discipline or as an important subject. I don’t even recall it being discussed. What is your experience with the public [Read More...]

Today is Goldingay

Our intent is to converse about John Goldingay’s newest OT theology volume (Old Testament Theology: Israel’s Life ) biweekly or at least monthly. Goldingay is quotable, and I love this opening claim: “In understanding what it means to be human, whereas the modern world starts with the autonomous individual, and the postmodern world (at least [Read More...]

The Problem with the Book of Job

Simply put, the problem with the Book of Job is that it is too long for most folks, too long for most preachers to preach all the way through, and too long for Bible study groups. (I’m not excusing our reading of it; I’m trying to explain the reality that the only place folks get [Read More...]

Book Comments: Zondervan’s Encyclopedia Revised

Every Bible reader, especially every teacher and pastor, needs a solid Bible encyclopedia that does its best to tell us what we need to know about history and theology and archaeology as well as sketch each book of the Bible. Some today entrust their minds to Wikipedia, which is a mixed bag of excellence and, [Read More...]

Going Beyond the Bible Biblically 1

Brand new book on an important topic: How do we move beyond the Bible? Should we? Better yet: Since we have to, how do we move beyond the Bible into our world but do this biblically? This is the concern of Zondervan’s new Counterpoint book edited by Gary Meadors: Four Views on Moving beyond the [Read More...]

Book Comments: Bird and Hansen

We’ve now completed our commentary listing, but commentaries will continue to be produced so I will use the Book Comments to update commentaries. I want to mention two that have recently crossed my desk.  First, there is a brand new series from Wipf and Stock — Cascade Books — edited by Michael Bird and Craig [Read More...]

Faith and the Future 3 (RJS)

The central portion of Harvey Cox’s new book The Future of Faith lays out the New Perspective on The Church – which is no longer new. It is broad brush summarized as follows: Jesus taught and enacted a kingdom vision. His immediate followers were committed to this vision Paul’s disavowal of the necessity to submit [Read More...]

Friday is for Friends: Rachel Held Evans

Hello, my name is Rachel, and I’m a recovering Bible snob. I haven’t always been this way.  As a child, the stories of the Bible enthralled me. I believed in them the way one believes in dinosaurs, Camelot, Abraham Lincoln, and other magical things that happened once upon a time. As a teenager, the Bible [Read More...]