No Interpretation Needed!? (RJS)

On Sunday Scot put up a short post highlighting a shift at Bryan College tightening the “acceptable” ranges of interpretation of the Genesis account. While most of the commenters on the post mourned the change that sentiment is certainly not universal. As one of the commenters put it: I am thankful that there are some [Read More...]

Start With Isaiah (RJS)

Last Tuesday I put up a post addressing the supposed revelation that camels in Genesis prove scripture wrong (The Mighty Mysterious Camel). Headlines include such memorable tags as “the camel that broke the bible’s back.” Despite the claims made in many of the media reports the late date for domestication of camels and the challenge [Read More...]

The Mighty Mysterious Camel (RJS)

There has been something of a stir around the internet and on the news the last  week or two. It seems that a couple of archaeologists at Tel Aviv University published a paper suggesting that the earliest appearance of the domesticated camel in Israel an environs was ca. 930 BCE (pdf here) (BCE = before [Read More...]

It Starts With Genesis (RJS)

The Great Debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye last week was interesting. There is no scientific case for a young earth and Ken Ham did not really offer one. He drew a distinction between historical science and observational science and relegated all scientific evidence for an old earth to interpretation corrupted by a secular [Read More...]

Scripture and Authority: Four Propositions

What is the Bible? A very common observation is that you answer that question by what you look for. That is, a historian, using the methods of historians, limited to what historians can say and do, will say it is a collection of documents to be read and interpreted as one would read and interpret [Read More...]

The Greatest Drama Ever Staged (RJS)

On Christmas Eve (day) I posted a reflection from one of Dorothy Sayers’ essays in Christian Letters to a Post-Christian World also available under the title The Whimsical Christian: 18 Essays. This is a volume well worth coming back to – and I will. Sayers deserves a far broader readership than she receives. She was [Read More...]

Story and History (RJS)

The book of essays by Dorothy Sayers Christian Letters to a Post-Christian World reprinted as The Whimsical Christian contains an essay entitled “A Vote of Thanks to Cyrus.” In this essay Sayers reflects on the way we classify different kinds of literature – in particular the implicit, even unconscious, distinctions we make between the bible, [Read More...]

The Bible’s Authority: Thoughts

There are people who listen to a Shakespeare play about ancient Rome and think the man was an authority on Roman politics and history; there are those who read Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress and think the man had special insight on what heaven would be like; and there are those who read the Bible and think it [Read More...]

Reading the NT in its Galaxy

Brent Sandy’s sketch of reading the NT in the context of its own world of composition and communication, in his jointly authored book, The Lost World of Scripture: Ancient Literary Culture and Biblical Authority, sketches a number of propositions that will helps us comprehend the NT in its context. (We begin with 5 because the first [Read More...]

Reading the Bible in its Galaxy

John Walton, this time with Brent Sandy, has done it again. We have a new book that examines how to read the Bible within the categories of thought and practice of the Bible, a procedure that puts back on the shelf approaches that pretend the Bible is using our categories. The book is called The Lost World [Read More...]