Sola Scriptura Renewed and Renewing (RJS)

Chapter six of Ronald E Osborn’s new book Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering looks at the enclave mentality in American fundamentalism, especially as it relates to biblical literalism. Osborn’s description the fundamentalist approach seems a bit extreme at times – although we will all see elements of truth [Read More...]

Are Stage Props Necessary? (RJS)

The fourth and fifth chapters of Ronald E. Osborn’s new book Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering look at the nature of science and the push for mechanisms capable of explaining the events related in Scripture. In the practice of science we look for explanatory mechanisms that make sense [Read More...]

The Bible and That “Women” Question (RJS)

Several weeks ago I put up a post That “Women” Question looking at comments by N. T. Wright on the text of 1 Timothy 2 and the role of women in the church.  Wright’s response referred to his small commentary Paul for Everyone, The Pastoral Epistles where he provides a translation of verses 11-15 and [Read More...]

Unwholesome Complexity (RJS)

What does it mean to take scripture seriously? Is literalism the only faithful approach? The third chapter of Ronald E. Osborn’s new book Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering looks at the unwholesome complexity (his chapter title) that can arise from a rigorously literal approach to scripture. He begins [Read More...]

Inspiration and Its Implications

All traditional church confessions and bodies at some place affirm the “inspiration” of Scripture, but it is not always clear what that might mean when it comes to reading it or listening to it. Does it make the Bible unlike all other books in all ways? in some ways? and how so? Michael Graves has asked this set [Read More...]

English Majors and the Bible (Morgan Guyton)

Morgan Guyton, author of this post, agreed to let me repost it here. I hope you like it as much as I did. There’s definitely something to personality type and Bible reading. I think that the reason many Christians can’t understand each other, particularly with regard to how we read the Bible, may end up [Read More...]

No Interpretation Needed!? (RJS)

On Sunday Scot put up a short post highlighting a shift at Bryan College tightening the “acceptable” ranges of interpretation of the Genesis account. While most of the commenters on the post mourned the change that sentiment is certainly not universal. As one of the commenters put it: I am thankful that there are some [Read More...]

Start With Isaiah (RJS)

Last Tuesday I put up a post addressing the supposed revelation that camels in Genesis prove scripture wrong (The Mighty Mysterious Camel). Headlines include such memorable tags as “the camel that broke the bible’s back.” Despite the claims made in many of the media reports the late date for domestication of camels and the challenge [Read More...]

The Mighty Mysterious Camel (RJS)

There has been something of a stir around the internet and on the news the last  week or two. It seems that a couple of archaeologists at Tel Aviv University published a paper suggesting that the earliest appearance of the domesticated camel in Israel an environs was ca. 930 BCE (pdf here) (BCE = before [Read More...]

It Starts With Genesis (RJS)

The Great Debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye last week was interesting. There is no scientific case for a young earth and Ken Ham did not really offer one. He drew a distinction between historical science and observational science and relegated all scientific evidence for an old earth to interpretation corrupted by a secular [Read More...]