First Day is Goldingay

We come to the 11th and final chapter of John Goldingay’s Old Testament theology — OT Theology: Israel’s Gospel. Goldingay takes cuts through the First Testament rather than building a synthetic theology; his books provide an excellent example of narrative or Story-shaped theology. The questions are different; the approach is different; and the result is [Read More…]

The Bible Experience

I mentioned this before, but just in case you haven’t heard, there is a wonderful reading of the Bible — with some background effects — in The Bible Experience. I’ve enjoyed it while driving, and it is now with mp3 (not sure that I know what that is, but I’m confident you do). The reading [Read More…]

The Hermeneutics Quiz

(Say the Jesus Creed morning and evening during Lent.) I didn’t get home early enough to post our usual Friday is for Friends, so instead… [Read more…]

Stump the Professor

(Say the Jesus Creed morning and evening during Lent.) Here’s the offer. I will send a copy of Donald McKim, Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters, to the first person who can stump the professor. At what? Here’s the deal: [Read more…]

B3 4U

(Say the Jesus Creed morning and evening during Lent.) OK, I don’t normally get so corny for the titles of posts, but “B3” is how I often refer in my notes to Ben Witherington. B3 writes commentaries 4U. Ben is a commentary machine and I want to bring to your attention three more … and [Read More…]


(Say the Jesus Creed morning and evening during Lent.) I’m old enough to remember a story you may not know. When the Anchor Bible commentary series got off the ground, it was designed to be a new, ecumenical translation with notes on the translation and brief, very brief, comments. Then John Bright (Jeremiah) expanded what [Read More…]

Who Said What

(Say the Jesus Creed morning and evening during Lent.) One of the most mind-numbing as well as frustrating things about biblical studies is learning the “names” and “ideas” of the major interpreters. So, for instance, Augustine or Aquinas or Luther or Anselm or Cajetan or, and this gets us closer to the our days, William [Read More…]

First Day is Goldingay

I missed doing the 10th chp of John Goldingay’s Israel’s Gospel (OT Theology) in the month of January. I have to admit it: his chps are well-nigh endless and their lack of coherence a bit annoying to me. Still, Goldingay’s got stuff to say and I learn from him each time. [Read more…]

Picking and Choosing

It is often said, fairly or not, that we all “pick and choose” when it comes to living out the Bible. In your opinion, what is the most obvious example of “picking and choosing”? (For instance, picking head coverings for women but not choosing the holy kiss!) [Read more…]

Reading the Bible in a Postmodern Context

Saturday I was up in bitterly cold Minneapolis where I addressed a gathering of Covenant pastors and lay folks on reading the Bible in a postmodern context. This was the first time I’ve spoken about the stuff I’ve been writing for my book called The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible. I’ll not [Read More…]