The Problem with Biblicism 3

Christian Smith, in his new book, Bible Made Impossible, The: Why Biblicism Is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture, contends that what many of us (evangelicals) affirm is impossible to hold with intellectual integrity. He calls this belief “biblicism,” and if you want to read what it is see our last post. The fundamental [Read More…]

Prima Scriptura

The title of N. Clayton Croy’s book, Prima Scriptura: An Introduction to New Testament Interpretation, is perfect because, instead of sola scriptura, he admits that what we actually do is prima scriptura. We go to the Bible first, but other dimensions enter into our interpretation. Too often sola scriptura means we go to the Bible [Read More…]

George Eldon Ladd

No scholar influenced me in my early career as much as George Eldon Ladd. I join thousands to say we were (or are) Laddian. In 1974, when I was about to finish my sophomore year at Cornerstone University (where I’m giving the commencement address today), I was at Eerdmans the day they unloaded the freshly [Read More…]

Saturday Afternoon Book Review

I hope you are taking advantage of the magnificent resources available for Bible study today. I could go in fifty directions with that statement, but I will take it only one direction. Publishers today are doing their dead-level best to gather up centuries of biblical studies into volumes that present for us the best of [Read More…]

King’s Cross 4

Tim Keller’s newest book, King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus, examines big questions through the Gospel of Mark. He examines the theme of “Rest” through the lens of “Religion” when he sketches the encounter of Jesus with contemporaries over his behaviors and beliefs about the Sabbath. What do you [Read More…]

A Wealth of Information

Every school and public library needs a copy of this new Oxford Handbook. Pastors, preachers, and professors alike cannot keep up with every bit of research and scholarship. One area many of us would like to know more but don’t have the time to do is the Dead Sea Scrolls. But Oxford now has a [Read More…]

Is God a Moral Monster? 4

Not a few critics of the Bible have called into question not just the religion, but the deity connected to the religion. Not the least of the issues raised concerns the quality of morality in the Old Testament. Paul Copan, in Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God, examines this [Read More…]

The Scriptural Bible vs. the Academic Bible

What happens when the Bible is studied at a university? The bigger question is this: What happens to the Bible when it is studied at a university? Those are questions behind Michael Legaspi’s excellent study The Death of Scripture and the Rise of Biblical Studies (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology). This book is chock-full of [Read More…]

How’s your Greek?

This post is for those who learned Greek in college or seminary, have mostly abandoned it, feel bad about it, and want some encouragement. Constantine Campbell, an Aussie, has a new book just for you: short, clear, and full of zest. It’s called: Keep Your Greek: Strategies for Busy People. Ten short chps, ten good [Read More…]

Free Greek New Testament Text

Contact: Stephen Smith            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (800) 875-6467 Free critically edited Greek New Testament propels biblical scholarship forward BELLINGHAM, WA—October 28, 2010—The Society of Biblical Literature and Logos Bible Software announced today the release of The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition (SBLGNT), a critically edited Greek New Testament. For the first time ever, [Read More…]