Sandhill Cranes

One beautiful bird, and I spotted five of them the other day on my way to Willow Creek Community Church for a morning conference event. But 30,000! CHICAGO — Chicago birders went wild Wednesday when thousands of sandhill cranes flew over the city. The birds were a rare sight over city limits a decade ago, [Read More…]

Bird Migration and Climate Change

Darryl Fears: The birds and the bees are telling humans about much more than sex, a new study released Thursday says. They are a harbinger of climate change, with species swapping habitats like a game of musical chairs as regions in Europe and the United States warm. Populations of American robins that winter in southern [Read More…]

Beware the Owl!

Sarah Larimer: If you don’t believe me — a human being who has both been chased by a goose as a child and pecked in the head by a tiny winged attacker as an adult — then maybe you should believe Ron Jaecks, a runner who was targeted by an owl at an Oregon park. Reports the Statesman [Read More…]

Is Inerrancy a Game Only Played by American Evangelicals?

America exports its goods giving it a worldwide influence, including its sports — basketball and (American) football and baseball. Of course baseball is played elsewhere, and baseball in the Dominican is special, but these are American-shaped sports. But would a Dominican say baseball is an American sport? (Not on your life.) Is inerrancy a game [Read More…]

Love that Bird

One of my all-time favorite birds is the Cedar Waxwing, which is a close cousin to the Bohemian Waxwing, and their differences are unknown to me so I’m assuming this picture is of the Cedar Waxwing: [Read more…]

You a Birder?

Kris and I are amateur birders, and we have a well-worn Roger Tory Peterson Guide to prove we’ve been at it awhile. Neither of us is good at bird calls, but I envy those who can identify the odd migrating warbler by sounds/songs. I can’t, though I know most of the birds in our area. [Read More…]

The Life of a Crow

[Read more…]

Ring-necked Duck

We spotted a pair of these the other day on the little lake in the middle of the village. A Ring-necked Duck — first time I’ve ever spotted one. [Read more…]

The Birds, our Teachers

It’s the time of the year here in Chicagoland when bird variety is diminished. On and around our feeders were see chickadees and goldfinches and cardinals, and on the ground we see those sharply colored northern juncos. Sparrows, of course. But not much else. As I was observing their busy ways in the cold of [Read More…]

Another blue bird in our backyard (not a parakeet)

We just spotted this Indigo Bunting at our feeder.   [Read more…]