Comments, Trolls, and Teaching (RJS)

A month ago or a little more Popular Science discontinued comments their web site. BioLogos has been considering the idea, although deciding to retain comments for the time being. The reason is the effect that comments and commenters can have on readers – whether they themselves comment or not.  And, of course, only a small [Read More…]

Hard to Categorize? But not Reformed?

Kent Shaffer posted his Top 200 Church blogs, and Ed Stetzer made these observations: Seven of the top ten are decidedly Calvinistic, most aggressively so, (Interestingly, Michael Hyatt is Eastern Orthodox (of the Antiochian Sea) which is fascinating. Scot McKnight is hard to categorize, but not Reformed. Now why is it so hard to categorize someone who [Read More…]

Patheos and Blog Changes

Some of you may have noticed that the blog has a slightly new address (instead of it is now — I’m told the old address redirects to the new one), we have an upgraded WordPress program (which is good for us who write on this blog), and Patheos now has a new App [Read More…]

Blogs Need More Monitoring

Kris and I and RJS monitor the comments on this blog, and RJS does only her own posts so I take the responsibility for most of it. Here’s a core value — to use the jargon of our day — of this blog: we want to have civil conversations. I once did a series on [Read More…]

The Stance I Take in a Blog Post

This morning I had a friend write and say she was offended by what I said about divorce, and it took me off guard because I wasn’t sure what I had said. So she pointed me to a post … and I read the post … and for the life of me couldn’t figure out [Read More…]

Shane Hipps on Community (and below it my response)

Scott thanks for all your comments and push back. Always appreciated. Clearly we’re playing with semantics here. I don’t say that dismissively. Semantics matter–some times more than other times. I’ll let others judge whether it matters here. It may be that we agree after all. First, my language in the video was less nuanced than [Read More…]

Is Facebook the Future Blog?

Some of you — like us — have both a blog and a Facebook account. Some suggest the future blog will be on Facebook while others say Facebook is so much more for networking and interpersonal stuff and e-mailing that it will never replace the more content- or conversation-shaped blog. What do you think? What [Read More…]

A Big Change at Jesus Creed

For about six months we have been in communication with a large website that has expressed an interest in hosting the Jesus Creed conversation. At first I had no interest, but I want to lay out for you today why we have made the decision to shift the site over to [Read more…]

On Writing for a Blog

If you’re interested in my take, this is an example of how not to write for a blog. I don’t know Chad Hall, and I’m sure if I met him in a different setting it would be different, but this post is like entering into a room and asking for a fight just for the [Read More…]

A Little Exercise for Young Theologians

Helmut Thielicke, in what has to be one of the finest little (absolutely must-have) books ever written for those in school and considering pastoring or a teaching ministry, A Little Exercise for Young Theologians, said something like this some where in that book: “During the period when the voice is changing we do not sing.” [Read more…]