Embracing Grace: Reviews

I will provide links here to reviews, whether good or bad, and direct discussions of Embracing Grace, and I will update this post. Review by Jamie Arpin-Ricci. [Read more…]

The Mentored Life 2

Summary of Chapter Two Houston begins his argument for a return to the “mentored life” by examining the “Heroic Myth of Odysseus.” In this myth, Houston suggests we see all the characteristics of individualism and narcissism that stand as obstacles to the mentored life. Just as Odysseus was required to overcome the hardships and challenges [Read More…]

The Mentored Life 1

This is a series of blogs, over a couple of weeks, about James Houston, The Mentored Life. It is being written by both of us, Scot McKnight (at North Park University) and Brad Bergfalk (pastor of Zion Covenant in Jamestown, NY). Houston’s book has received some rave reviews and it can be of use to [Read More…]


I have seen the title Freakonomics mentioned, haven’t looked at it all, but Fr. Rob Merola, of St. Matthew’s in Sterling Virginia, has pointed me to a link that is worth reading and discussing. It is by columnist named Orson Scott Card (a writer’s name if there ever was one), and among other items it [Read More…]

Jesus and His Death arrives

I got my first copy of Jesus and His Death today from Baylor University Press. I thank its fine editorial folk, Carey Newman and Diane Smith, for their exceptional work. It is hard for me to compare editorial staffs, but there can’t be any that are more precise than Baylor’s. I dedicated Jesus and His [Read More…]

Jesus and His Death: First Review

Rick Brannon, a bibliophile, has blogged the first brief review of Jesus and His Death. I posted it at my Jesus and His Death blog, and point you there. [Read more…]

The Church, Embracing Grace, and Racism 5

There is a reason, perhaps less in importance but perhaps just as insidious, why Christian communities of faith need to stop in their tracks and post a new life-sign about the end of racism in the Church. That reason is the growing, venomous, and potentially culture-crushing development in the USA of White Nationalism. Perhaps you [Read More…]

The Story of the Christ

I have been asked to comment on the book with my name on it called The Story of the Christ. The book was commissioned in England with T&T Clark/Continuum, and recently picked up by Baker Books in the USA. Hence, there are two publication dates. It is a short “introduction” to the life of Jesus, [Read More…]

Franke’s Character of Theology 6

This is our last post on Franke’s book, The Character of Theology. Here’s my overall assessment: The book exposes themes that penetrate deeply into the fabric of doing theology and deserves to be read, especially by students who have teachers who disagree with Franke. Some kind of endorsement, I know, but Franke puts on the [Read More…]

Franke’s Character of Theology 5

This fifth installment of Franke’s Character of Theology deals with the second half of chapter 4: The Task of Theology. A brief on the second half of chp 4 Franke surveys how Scripture and tradition relate, and proposes three models (from Heiko Oberman): T1 (Scripture and tradition are indistinguishable), T2 (they are separable and equal [Read More…]