Saturday (Not a Book) Review: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This post is by Scott Bryant. A few weeks ago, I picked up Scot McKnight’s new e-book entitled Junia is Not Alone. Interestingly enough, the very week that I purchased his book, the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly arrived in my mailbox, complete with a cover caption that read: “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: [Read More...]

Conversation and the Local Church

Highly recommend for anyone wanting to have a more missional church. As the crowds prepare to descend on Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI, the city has been preparing to showcase its very best to the watching world. In addition to the football game and a downtown Super Bowl Village filled with all sorts of entertainment, [Read More...]

Saturday Book Review: Anna Rapa

This review is from Ted Gossard, who blogs at Jesus Community. As one raised close enough to the evangelical tradition, later embracing it, and still evangelical as to its core conviction of seeing the gospel as somehow front and center through Jesus in the work of God, evangelism has always been considered somehow central as [Read More...]

A Life and Heaven of Holiness

Jonathan Edwards was a Puritan pastor, a theologian — he was a human being enthralled with God and whose deepest yearning was for the beauty of holiness. I am reading Michael J. McClymond and Gerald R. McDermott’s The Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Oxford, 2011), and want to offer a few observations of their chps that sketch [Read More...]

Saturday Book Review: Joseph Epstein

Joseph Epstein is perhaps America’s most well-known familiar essayist, and I’ve read all of his books — unless I’ve not heard of one or two. Not that it matters except for this: I speak from experience when I say he may be America’s best familiar essayist. The competition, quite frankly, is not intense because there [Read More...]

Saturday Book Review: Len Sweet

This review is by Andy Holt, who returns again to our blog with another review of Len Sweet’s book, I Am a Follower. Andy is pastor at Ember Church. The Church has a leadership problem. So argues Leonard Sweet in his new book, I Am a Follower. The problem, however, is not that we don’t [Read More...]

Jesus Creed Books of the Year

An article in The Atlantic on writers and their books, an article well worth your read, sets the right tone for our annual list of Books of the Year. That article in The Atlantic appeared on one of the days I was clearing out my library. I’ve already packed up more than fifteen boxes of [Read More...]

Just what is gossip?

My grandmother had the sort of theology that believed humans could become sinless, and she believed she had achieved that level in her Christian life. I was suspicious of such a theology, and so were my parents and siblings, not because we were particularly adept in such things but because we were taught that we [Read More...]

Saturday Book Review: Bill Donahue

This review is by my friend, Bill Donahue, who is unquestionably one of America’s leaders on small group ministry, both in praxis and theology. The Church and the Crisis of Community After reading Scot’s posts about Theresa Latini’s book, The Church and the Crisis of Community, I wanted to add to the conversation. Theresa, a [Read More...]

Saturday Book Review: Yvonne Tazbeck Haddad

This review is by Joe Canner, and I’m thankful for his careful reading of this book on one of the most sensitive topics in the world today. Becoming American? The Forging of Arab and Muslim Identity in Pluralist America (Baylor University Press) is a brand new book that provides a concise history of Arab and [Read More...]