Why Men Should Read More Fiction

My news magazine on the iPad occasionally includes a clip from a site called The Art of Manliness, and this one was irresistible after last week’s post on whether or not fiction is good for us. Well, this piece argues men need to read more fiction … here’s the opening and you can read the [Read More…]

Fiction: Is it good for you?

Some of you may be sprawled out on a couch reading fiction right now, or others may be sitting in a favorite chair reading some novel, and you may well know I’m not … so it’s worth a discussion: Are novels good for us? How so or how not? Just in case you are interested [Read More…]

Saturday Book Review: Kyle Strobel

Our review today is by Kyle Strobel (@kylestrobel), an Edwards specialist and who engages this big new book by McClymond and McDermott at the level of experts. So enjoy … The Theology of Jonathan Edwards (OUP, 2012) by Michael J. McClymond and Gerald R. McDermott Scot has already reviewed several small portions of this behemoth, [Read More…]

Saturday Book Review: Scott Waalkes

Improvising within the Fullness of Time A review of Scott Waalkes, The Fullness of Time in a Flat World: Globalization and the Liturgical Year (Eugene: Wipf & Stock, 2010). By Wes Vander Lugt This book has not received much buzz around the blogosphere, but I believe it deserves to be engaged. Also, given the fact [Read More…]

A Silence of Mockingbirds

By Karen Spears Zacharias: Karen Spears Zacharias is an author and investigative journalist who teaches First Amendment Rights at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington. In her upcoming book, A Silence of Mockingbirds: The Memoir of a Murder, Karen turns her investigative eye to the murder of three-year-old Karly Sheehan of Corvallis, Oregon. At one time, [Read More…]

Saturday Book Review: R. Michael Allen

R. Michael Allen, Theological Commentary: Evangelical Perspectives (T&T Clark, 2011). Review by Wes Vander Lugt A common critique of theological interpretation of Scripture (TIS) is that it does not take the text of Scripture seriously. But then again, the whole point of TIS is to question assumptions regarding what it means to take Scripture seriously. [Read More…]

Saturday Book Review: Dunn, Sundene

This review is by my colleague, Joel Willitts, who posted this earlier at his blog, Euangelion. Joel teaches Bible at North Park and works with young adult ministries at his church in Geneva IL. Richard Dunn and Jana Sundene have written an important book about ministry among emerging adults: Shaping the Journey of Emerging Adults: [Read More…]

Saturday (Not a Book) Review: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This post is by Scott Bryant. A few weeks ago, I picked up Scot McKnight’s new e-book entitled Junia is Not Alone. Interestingly enough, the very week that I purchased his book, the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly arrived in my mailbox, complete with a cover caption that read: “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: [Read More…]

Conversation and the Local Church

Highly recommend for anyone wanting to have a more missional church. As the crowds prepare to descend on Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI, the city has been preparing to showcase its very best to the watching world. In addition to the football game and a downtown Super Bowl Village filled with all sorts of entertainment, [Read More…]

Saturday Book Review: Anna Rapa

This review is from Ted Gossard, who blogs at Jesus Community. As one raised close enough to the evangelical tradition, later embracing it, and still evangelical as to its core conviction of seeing the gospel as somehow front and center through Jesus in the work of God, evangelism has always been considered somehow central as [Read More…]