Saturday Afternoon Book Review: W. Vander Lugt

Theology, Political Theory, and Pluralism: Beyond Tolerance and Difference (Cambridge Studies in Christian Doctrine)by Kristen Deede Johnson. Cambridge University Press, 2007; pb 2010. 276 pp. £21.99/$36.99. ISBN: 9780521154680. ~Reviewed by Wesley Vander Lugt, PhD Candidate at the University of St Andrews and editor of Transpositions, a blog exploring the interaction between theology, imagination, and the [Read More...]

Dust Jackets … What to do with them?

What do you do with dust jackets on books? There seem to be three theories:

First, remove and trash.

Second, keep and preserve.

Third, keep but first remove and then cover in preserving synthetic material so the cover will endure through the tribulation and beyond.

Here’s what I do, in three steps: [Read more...]

When do you quit reading a book?

From the wisdom of LaVonne Neff: A friend gave me this useful formula : Subtract your age from the number 100, and the answer is the number of pages you have to read before giving up on a book you’re not enjoying.* Her advice came to mind the other day as I was preparing to [Read More...]

The Publishing Biz

OK, a friend wrote not all that long ago and told me he had recently purchased a book by a well-known author. It was  a commentary. The publication date was 2010 and it said “First edition.” Only problem is this: it was originally published more than a decade earlier but was re-issued in a new [Read More...]

Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Josh Rockett

This review comes to us from a reader, Josh Rockett. An important topic, and a good introduction to this book. “Telling stories is easy when they’re about heroic people.” -Mark Lutz, UnPoverty We have all heard statistics on poverty. We’ve heard that over 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. But have [Read More...]

Sunday Afternoon Book Review

I didn’t have a book review submission for Saturday afternoon’s customary slot so I’ll post this brief review/report myself on Sunday. It is a custom at Jesus Creed to post reviews by readers of the blog, and all you have to do is send me your review. The basic format is to focus on a [Read More...]

Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Justin Topp

Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion Edited by Ronald L. Numbers Harvard University Press ISBN 978-0674033276 Reviewed by Justin Topp, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology North Park University Blog: Twitter: JustinTopp Science and religion are incompatible.  It’s either one or the other.  Everyone knows this.  Which one do you choose?  If you’re educated, it is [Read More...]

Books To Come … (RJS)

As we look ahead to the summer … I have several books on my desk, and plan to post on them over the next few months. If you have particular interests you may wish to get a hold of one or more. Suggestions for other books are welcome as well – use the comment section [Read More...]

That Old Synoptic Problem

Every serious Gospel scholar at some point has to sit down for a summer or so, underline every word in the Synoptics according a color-coded system, and come to a conclusion on the relationship of Matthew, Mark and Luke. I remember Jimmy Dunn suggesting I do this, and I went home and began … and [Read More...]

A Good and Beautiful Life

Not that long ago I blogged through the first volume of James Bryan Smith’s The Apprentice Series. Volume two, The Good and Beautiful Life: Putting on the Character of Christ (The Apprentice Series) , is now available and I’d like to draw your attention to it and raise a question or two for us to [Read More...]