Saturday Book Review: Len Sweet

This review is by Andy Holt, who returns again to our blog with another review of Len Sweet’s book, I Am a Follower. Andy is pastor at Ember Church. The Church has a leadership problem. So argues Leonard Sweet in his new book, I Am a Follower. The problem, however, is not that we don’t [Read More...]

Jesus Creed Books of the Year

An article in The Atlantic on writers and their books, an article well worth your read, sets the right tone for our annual list of Books of the Year. That article in The Atlantic appeared on one of the days I was clearing out my library. I’ve already packed up more than fifteen boxes of [Read More...]

Just what is gossip?

My grandmother had the sort of theology that believed humans could become sinless, and she believed she had achieved that level in her Christian life. I was suspicious of such a theology, and so were my parents and siblings, not because we were particularly adept in such things but because we were taught that we [Read More...]

Saturday Book Review: Bill Donahue

This review is by my friend, Bill Donahue, who is unquestionably one of America’s leaders on small group ministry, both in praxis and theology. The Church and the Crisis of Community After reading Scot’s posts about Theresa Latini’s book, The Church and the Crisis of Community, I wanted to add to the conversation. Theresa, a [Read More...]

Saturday Book Review: Yvonne Tazbeck Haddad

This review is by Joe Canner, and I’m thankful for his careful reading of this book on one of the most sensitive topics in the world today. Becoming American? The Forging of Arab and Muslim Identity in Pluralist America (Baylor University Press) is a brand new book that provides a concise history of Arab and [Read More...]

Saturday Book Review: Guy Chmieleski

Reviewed by Dr. Guy Chmieleski, a campus minister at Belmont University and whose dept has a blog. We are in a time of great change. Churches in North America are in rapid decline. Numerous reports detailing the issues that young believers (and non-believers) have with Christianity continue to bring shape to a country, a generation [Read More...]

Reading the Best Books

Did you see this? I know, I know, someone will say “According to whom?” This postmodern quip pretends both to power and wisdom, but it’s flat out silly. Reading good books is better than reading bad books, and reading better books is better than reading good books, and if we can find the best books, [Read More...]

Some Book Notes

I can’t review all the books I purchase, am given or even read, so I want to mention a few that I have read or skimmed or dipped into here and there … beginning with Graham Cole, God the Peacemaker: How Atonement Brings Shalom (New Studies in Biblical Theology). Few topics have gotten evangelical conservatives [Read More...]

Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Pure Scum

Blog Book Review: Pure Scum: The Left-Out, the Right-Brained and the Grace of God By: Andy Holt I must have been 12 years old. Maybe 13. Either way, I was deeply entrenched in the most awkward phase of my life when my giant Greek youth pastor, Mike Sares, asked me and a friend to appear [Read More...]

Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Bruce Longenecker

Bruce W. Longenecker, Remember the Poor: Paul, Poverty, and the Greco-Roman World. Reviewed by Wes Vander Lugt PhD candidate, University of St Andrews Caring for the poor is a prominent theme throughout the Bible, but some argue that the apostle Paul is an exception to the rule. According to this perspective, Paul’s main concern was [Read More...]