Saturday Book Review: Guy Chmieleski

Reviewed by Dr. Guy Chmieleski, a campus minister at Belmont University and whose dept has a blog. We are in a time of great change. Churches in North America are in rapid decline. Numerous reports detailing the issues that young believers (and non-believers) have with Christianity continue to bring shape to a country, a generation [Read More...]

Reading the Best Books

Did you see this? I know, I know, someone will say “According to whom?” This postmodern quip pretends both to power and wisdom, but it’s flat out silly. Reading good books is better than reading bad books, and reading better books is better than reading good books, and if we can find the best books, [Read More...]

Some Book Notes

I can’t review all the books I purchase, am given or even read, so I want to mention a few that I have read or skimmed or dipped into here and there … beginning with Graham Cole, God the Peacemaker: How Atonement Brings Shalom (New Studies in Biblical Theology). Few topics have gotten evangelical conservatives [Read More...]

Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Pure Scum

Blog Book Review: Pure Scum: The Left-Out, the Right-Brained and the Grace of God By: Andy Holt I must have been 12 years old. Maybe 13. Either way, I was deeply entrenched in the most awkward phase of my life when my giant Greek youth pastor, Mike Sares, asked me and a friend to appear [Read More...]

Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Bruce Longenecker

Bruce W. Longenecker, Remember the Poor: Paul, Poverty, and the Greco-Roman World. Reviewed by Wes Vander Lugt PhD candidate, University of St Andrews Caring for the poor is a prominent theme throughout the Bible, but some argue that the apostle Paul is an exception to the rule. According to this perspective, Paul’s main concern was [Read More...]

On Loneliness

It’s Friday. On Friday evenings many of us will “go out” — with a spouse, with a friend, with friends — but go out. But some will not. Some will be alone. Some want to be alone. Some don’t. While going out with a spouse or friends can mask it, and while those who are [Read More...]

Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Tim Keller

Timothy Keller, Generous Justice: How God’s Grace Makes Us Just (New York: Dutton, 2010) Reviewed by Wes Vander Lugt “When people see the beauty of God’s grace in Christ, it leads them powerfully toward justice.” As this summary statement indicates, Keller’s latest book demonstrates the necessary relationship between grace and justice through biblical commentary, compelling [Read More...]

What will you be reading?

Christmas Break is officially here for me, and Kris will have a full week off as well, and we will find some warm place to hole up with family … but this always means that as we approach this time off we begin to set up what we will be reading. Assuming you may well [Read More...]

Books of the Year 2010

Here are the 2010 nominations for Books of the Year at the Jesus Creed blog. The awards are given early this year so folks can use this list for Christmas presents. My favorite Christmas present is a book, but I have to admit my family quit buying books for me for Christmas years ago. (So [Read More...]

Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Wesley Vander Lugt

Kelly M. Kapic, with Justin Borger, God So Loved, He Gave: Entering the Movement of Divine Generosity (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2010). 281 pp. $19.99/£12.99. Reviewed by Wesley Vander Lugt PhD Candidate University of St Andrews Editor, Transpositions It is rare to recommend a book without any reservations, but Go So Loved, He Gave is that sort [Read More...]