Leaving Calvinism: Keith Coward’s Story

Source: This paragraph is revealing and over the years I’ve heard this so many times… I have italicized the words that reflect a common set of categories used to explain anyone not a Calvinist. We get no where when Calvinists — and not all are like this — claim non-Calvinists don’t have the stomach for [Read More…]

On Naming the Calvinists, or whatever…

Timothy Paul Jones has a very useful, informed article on his blog on naming the new Calvinism, and his graph of the elements at work is worth considering. How then should we refer to the recent resurgence of interest in Reformed soteriology? Before providing a tentative answer to this question, it may be worth pointing [Read More…]

What to Call the So-Called New Calvinists?

My friend, Bob Robinson, has made a good case for seeing the New Calvinists as Neo-Puritans. I don’t think we can know this for sure, but it is indeed possible that on this blog that group was first called the Neo-Reformed, but a commenter said they are not really Reformed since they are mostly Baptists and [Read More…]

Young, Restless and No Longer Reformed (by John Frye)

Young, Restless, and no longer Reformed Part 1 Young, Restless, and no longer Reformed: Black Holes, Love, and a Journey in and out of Calvinism caught my attention and I read it through in one sitting. I will do a two part review beginning with some observations and commentary. In Part 2 we will look [Read More…]

Saturday Book Review: Habets and Grow and Evangelical Calvinism

Evangelical Calvinism This post is written by Wes Vander Lugt Featuring: Myk Habets and Bobby Grow, eds., Evangelical Calvinism: Essays Resourcing the Continuing Reformation of the Church (Wipf and Stock, 2012). You are mistaken if you think Calvinists are all cut from the same cloth. As Habets and Grow explain in their introduction, evangelical Calvinism [Read More…]

Rich Mouw, Abraham Kuyper, and Culture

How does the Christian live in, relate to and transform culture? This question, one that draws in the need for expertise in about fifty disciplines, shapes the lucid and informed and very brief study by Rich Mouw, Abraham Kuyper: A Short and Personal Introduction. Kuyper’s approach to the Christian and culture is a classic Calvinist formulation, [Read More…]

Does Arminianism Preach?

C. Michael Patton’s got a point of view here (italics below), and … I wonder what you think? I made an observation recently that may be completely off base, or it may just betray the reality of the tight Evangelical circles in which I travel most of the time. Either way, here it is: Calvinists have  [Read More…]

Warning Passages Ahead: Brief Response

Over at The Gospel Coalition Peter O’Brien, a wonderful man and scholar from Australia, has entered into an interview with Collin Hansen on the warning passages in Hebrews. I read the interview because I like the work of O’Brien and because I recently posted on this very issue. In essence, the interview assumes or argues [Read More…]

Calvinism: My History 7

What difference does it make, really, to be either Calvinist or Arminian in one’s interpretation of the Warning Passages of Hebrews? There are lots of ways to talk about “difference,” but at the level of concrete Christian living does it make all that much difference? I begin with this observation. It makes a huge difference [Read More…]

Calvinism: My History 6

Everything about the Warning Passages in Hebrews hinges upon the audience: Who are they? Are they believers or not? I begin with this observation: in the history of the Church many have made a distinction between a genuine believer and a nominal believer. I find such categories useful in some contexts. The issue in reading [Read More…]