For and Against Calvinism 8

In high Calvinism God predestines the elect to salvation and the non-elect to damnation. Some Calvinists do not believe in double predestination; instead they believe in “single” predestination. Roger Olson, however, argues (along with many Calvinists) that single predestination necessarily entails double predestination. Then Olson probes into the doctrine to say it makes a mockery [Read More…]

For and Against Calvinism 7

Did Jesus Christ die for everyone, from Adam to the last person ever born, or did Christ die only for the elect? Calvinism, or at least most of it, teaches what is called “limited atonement” or “particular redemption.” In other words, the mission of Jesus Christ’s death was to secure an atonement for those who [Read More…]

SBC and Calvinism

Bob Allen, of the Associated Baptist Press, has a report about an Acts 29 church being denied membership in the Kentucky Baptist Association: OWENSBORO, Ky. (ABP) – A Kentucky Baptist association denied membership to a church after a credentials committee found its confessional statement too Calvinistic, according to a report in the Western Recorder. Daviess-McLean Baptist [Read More…]

Is Calvinism’s God a Moral Monster? A Calvinist Response

Terry Tiessen, author of Providence & Prayer : How Does God Work in the World? and Who Can Be Saved?: Reassessing Salvation in Christ and World Religions, writes this in response to some Arminian arguments that Calvinism tends toward a view of God that is monstrous (and good Arminian theologians who say such a thing [Read More…]

For and Against Calvinism 6

One of the reasons I like this book by Michael Horton is that he’s talking about topics that, like the holy underwear of Mormons, are not subjects discussed in public. This series will go back and forth between Roger Olson’s Against Calvinism and Michael Horton’s For Calvinism. Today I want to look at Michael Horton’s [Read More…]

For and Against Calvinism 5

This series will go back and forth between Roger Olson’s Against Calvinism and Michael Horton’s For Calvinism. Today I want to look at Michael Horton’s chp called “Of Regents and Rebels: The Human Condition,” which is a good sketch of Calvinism’s “T,” or total depravity. Horton importantly begins on a note that might jar many [Read More…]

For and Against Calvinism 4

Finally, Michael Horton’s book arrived: For Calvinism. I agree with Roger Olson, whose companion volume in this series ( Against Calvinism) has so far been the focus of the first three posts, that Michael Horton is a fair-minded proponent of Calvinism and a fair-minded, firm critic of Arminianism. Before I go forward I would like [Read More…]

For and Against Calvinism 3

Roger Olson’s newest book, Against Calvinism, is a fair-minded description of “mere Calvinism,” a sketch of how this mere Calvinism is not the same or identical with Reformed theology, and is also a critique of mere Calvinism. This book is matched by Michael Horton’s book that defends Calvinism, a book I have not seen. (Horton’s [Read More…]

For and Against Calvinism 2

There is a new set of books coming out from Zondervan called “For Calvinism” and “Against Calvinism.” The former written by Michael Horton and the latter by Roger Olson. As I announced the other day, when I get Horton’s book I’ll begin blogging through it alongside Olson’s Against Calvinism. (Horton’s is called For Calvinism.) I [Read More…]

Those Pesky Calvinists Again

Two years ago I posted this letter about some pesky Calvinists but for some reason it has drawn a new series of responses on the blog so I’m reposting it. The question this letter raises is pastoral: How are pastors dealing with pesky Calvinists? Dear Scot, We met a few years ago when I was [Read More…]