PCUSA Divestment

From Jewish Journal, by Jared Sichel: In Rev. Drew Sams’ Sunday sermon before his congregation at Bel Air Presbyterian Church on June 22 — just two days after the national umbrella organization of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) endorsed divestment from three companies that do business in Israel — Sams registered his firm opposition to [Read More...]

The Rise of the Nones

If you listen to some, the “Nones” are changing the landscape of American religion, but in listening to others — well, I was conversing with a knowledgeable person not long ago and this person had never even heard of the “Nones.” That person was in religious publishing. We need to take a good look at [Read More...]

Urban Church Plantations (Christena Cleveland)

This post by Christena Cleveland, author of the wonderful book Disunity in Christ, stunningly takes us to the mirror to look at ourselves. The American church’s divisiveness tells a story that Lent ought to provoke unto repentance. A few charismatic leaders — Tim Keller and Mark Driscoll in particular — have spawned flourishing church planting [Read More...]

Peter Standford’s Recommendations: What the Church of England Needs

Source Having had a ringside seat at the events of the past two decades, and more broadly as a fellow traveller (albeit at one pew removed as a Catholic), who sees so much that is good and needed about our national church as its goes about its daily, non-headline-making parish life, here are a few [Read More...]

For the Early Church, Start Here (Every time)

I shall begin with this: IVP’s Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity  is a colossal and stunning achievement. 3220 separate dictionary entries, 266 contributors from 26 countries. There is nothing like it and there won’t be for decades… so every library has to have it, and every one who wants to study the patristics needs to have it [Read More...]

Historic Church Institutions Selling Property

Source BOSTON – The American Unitarian Association, peopled and powered by this city’s Brahmin elite, announced its presence here in 1886 with a grand and stately headquarters at the very top of Beacon Hill, right next door to the Statehouse. If anyone doubted the denomination’s might, its next move made it clear: In 1927, strapped for [Read More...]

Ortberg’s Menlo Park Presbyterian Exits PCUSA

Sarah Pulliam Bailey Members of one of the largest congregations in the Presbyterian Church (USA) have voted to leave the denomination, despite facing an $8.89 million cost for leaving. Menlo Park Presbyterian is based in the San Francisco Bay area and led by well-known author and pastor John Ortberg. It is the ninth-largest PCUSA church, [Read More...]

The Other Side of the Donald Miller Post: Church PTSD

This post is by a friend, and it gets to the heart of the problem many today have with the church; she calls it church PTSD.  There’s been a lot said recently in the blogosphere about church attendance.  I’ve scoured the various articles looking for a hint of a chance that someone understands my situation.  [Read More...]

The Irrecoverable 50s

What were the 1950s like? Maybe we should rework that question to What was the future’s hope as expressed in the 50s? George Marsden: The 50s were in continuity with the American Enlightenment in the hope or belief that “a coalition of cultural leaders, including some religious leaders, despite their differences, could somehow guide the [Read More...]

20th Century, Who Won? Liberals or Fundamentalists

Early in the 20th Century the famed liberal pastor-author, Harry Emerson Fosdick, preached a controversial sermon entitled “Shall the Fundamentalists Win?” He preached in a day when newspapers covered famous pastors’ sermons. This is discussed in Christopher Evans, Liberalism without Illusions (Baylor, 2013). The question is a worthy one to return to early in the 21st [Read More...]