Are Liberals “Elites”?

One way of telling the story of American Protestant liberalism to fashion liberals as elites and out of touch with the ordinary person in the pew. I grew up on that story, I have read that story countless times, the news media repeats that story ad nauseam … so there must be some truth to [Read More...]

Liberals Arising

Evangelicals have written the story of liberalism and that story, reluctantly but seemingly irresistibly, has been absorbed by liberals themselves. That story is that liberals have surrendered key theological beliefs and their churches are in rapid descent and the former led to the latter. Oddly, though liberalism has been for more than a century been [Read More...]

It is a Conundrum Pt. 2 (RJS)

On Tuesday I put up a post It is a Conundrum Pt. 1 that gave my answer to the question “How can you be a Christian?” in part through a survey of “love” passages in the New Testament. The directive to love one another is pervasive throughout the New Testament. My answer to the question [Read More...]

It is a Conundrum Pt. 1 (RJS)

I’ve mentioned in a number of posts over the 18 months or so that I’ve begun a habit of simply listening to Scripture regularly – usually on my commute – in large chunks straight through. Despite having been raised in the church, for the most part in local churches that read Scripture publicly and emphasized [Read More...]


From the GAFCON conference in Nairobi: Link to GAFCON itself. After celebrating the East African Revival on the opening evening of the conference, those attending GAFCON2013 on Tuesday morning were presented with challenges facing the church around the world. The day began with a Eucharist in Nairobi Cathedral where there was standing room only. Afterwards [Read More...]

Ed Stetzer on the “Nones”

From Ed Stetzer’s blog: Around 75 percent of Americans call themselves Christians—they “self identify” as Christians, regardless of how others might define them. I find it helpful to separate those who profess Christianity into three categories: cultural, congregational and convictional. Now, these are NOT exact numbers, but broad categories. The numbers are different from region to [Read More...]

Baptists Talking Unity with Roman Catholics

For a number of years some Baptists and some Catholics discussed points of unity and diversity and came to a wonderful statement, called The Word of God in the Life of the Church: A Report of International Conversations between The Catholic Church and the Baptist World Alliance, 2006-2010. I have clipped the introduction and the [Read More...]

Our Story, Our Stories

Sent to me by a friend, Yes, that yellow line will lead you to my friend’s denomination.   [Read more...]

Megachurches are a Megaminority

Thom Rainer’s very helpful list of SBC churches 1000 and bigger, and they are still less than 2% of the churches … which should remind us that “models” for churches ought to consider the typical rather than the atypical: By the way, the SBC has 46,000 churches, and 595 made this list. So approximately 1.3% [Read More...]

What American Christianity Looks Like: Theologically

This is a reputable source with reliable conclusions, so pastors and Christian leaders need to give this Economic Values Report  report a good solid read and keep it in mind. A sociologist friend gives this study a thumbs up for integrity: On general theological orientation, we get this, though I’d like to see the specific [Read More...]