Is it Really a Church You’re Leaving (Sean Palmer)

Is It Really A Church You’re Leaving? (by Sean Palmer) Sean Palmer is Lead Minister at The Vine Church in Temple, TX. He is a sought-after speaker and teacher. You can read more from Sean at and follow him at him on Twitter, @seanpalmer. If there’s one thing everyone wants, but few people work [Read More...]

Sameness Not Needed for Connection

Cindy Brandt: To sum up: I was Chinese, converted to Christianity, living in Taiwan, practicing Western-style worship in Mandarin, doing QTs in English, taking communion with bread and red wine, doing church potluck with fried rice. One could say it was too much identity confusion for a child, but children are also resilient. Instead of [Read More...]

South Carolina Anglicans

Source: A conservative breakaway Anglican diocese in the US has won a court battle to keep more than $500 million worth of church property. The Episcopal Church (TEC) has no claim on the property of the Diocese of South Carolina or its churches, according to Circuit Court Judge Diane Goodstein. She wrote in her decision [Read More...]

Church Workers Need a New Target [other than numbers] (by Jeff Cook)

Church Workers Need a New Target Life requires replication. If something does not replicate, its kind will not continue on—just ask that Shaker you know. A 1000 person church is impressive. A church of 100 folks that over the course of 40 years empowers and sends out 12 pastors is more impressive. How do I [Read More...]

On Losing Faith

In one of the better memoirs I’ve read, that of Roger Scruton called Gentle Regrets, Scruton reflects on England’s loss in England’s loss of its religion. Scruton’s reflections concern the inter-relation of faith and community, if not faith and nation, which in his case is about the Church of England. But loss of faith for [Read More...]

Paul and the Economic Justice Vision of Jesus

It is not uncommon to wonder if the apostle Paul somehow dropped the concern of Jesus with economic justice. Let’s begin with the Magnificat of Mary in Luke 1:46-55, where we hear her concerns with justice for the poor: for he has been mindful of the humble [poor] state of his servant (48). He has [Read More...]

Good News about the Church: Integration

Yes, that’s right. Look at this clip from England –article by John Bingham: Maybe 11am Sunday morning is not the most segregated hour. Maybe it is one of the few places where steps of integration can occur! They teach that people should love their neighbour but a major new study shows that churches are one [Read More...]

You Don’t Get to Choose Who…

… is part of your church. You fellowship with the ones you’re with, and hence… The Church of the Interlude: Chapel of the Interlude is a fitting name for a church in the middle of a narrow, winding canyon. In 1969, benefactors built the intimate wood-paneled structure to provide an oasis next to one of [Read More...]

Pope Francis, Jesus and the Church

Source, Vatican Insider: Francis calls for ‘peace in hearts, peace in families, peace among the nations’. He then highlights that ‘It is not possible “to love Christ but without the Church, to listen to Christ but not the Church, to belong to Christ but outside the Church”’. That is because ‘the Church’s activity and mission, [Read More...]

Brad Brisco — “Stand and Greet”

Brad Brisco: This past week I posted a short excerpt from a Thom Rainer article where he discussed the disdain that many people have for the “Stand and Greet” time that is a part of many Sunday morning worship services. He argues that churches are actually driving “guests” away from Sunday services because of the practice. You [Read More...]