Coffee Berry Borer Begone!

Elahe Izadi: This is the coffee berry borer, and it must be stopped. Image These insects are considered the coffee world’s most devastating pest; infestations can slash a crop yield by up to 80 percent. The beetles don’t just use the coffee for food; they burrow into coffee beans and spend their lives inside. Caffeine typically repels insects, [Read More…]

Another Coffee on My Short List

Readers of the Jesus Creed blog know that I like coffee and use a Rancilio Sylvia daily to pull my shots, and that I like Chicago’s Intelligentsia coffee and Libertyville’s own roaster, Hansa, as the two constants in this home. Over the years folks have sent me beans to grind, smell, and brew into a [Read More…]

Coffee, Exercise, Caloric Intake

Ashley Mateo: The study basically simulated your average morning: a mug of coffee to wake up, a little gym time, another cup with breakfast, followed by lunch. Fourteen participants completed two moderate workouts on a stationary bike: one where they took caffeine (equal to two 8-ounce cups of coffee or 4 cups of black tea) 90 minutes before [Read More…]

America’s Top 20 Coffee Shops

You can see the list at this link, but what do you think is the top coffee shop? I say, either Intelligentsia or Hansa or Chestnut Hill or Double Shot. Coffee people, speak up! What is it about the perfect cup of coffee that gets us out of our homes and into our favorite local [Read More…]

Coffee (if you call it that) Distribution (DD)

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Caffeine Amounts in a Variety of Coffees

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Caffeine — Too much

From BBC News: US officials are investigating the safety of caffeine in snacks and energy drinks, worried about the “cumulative impact” of the stimulant – which is added to a growing number of products. Is our tea and coffee-fuelled society too dependent on the world’s favourite drug? The bubbling kettle, the aroma from the mug, [Read More…]

Caffeine Curve

From Mark Stevens: [Read more…]

Now Drinking Ruli Mountain

I’m drinking Ruli Mountain from Land of a Thousand Hills, a very fine coffee. Light and sweet. Floral with hints of apricot and roasted almond. Maybe a touch of chocolate, too. One of the delights of Land of a Thousand Hills coffee is their logo: Drink Coffee. Do Good. Land of a Thousand Hills is [Read More…]


From Alex Balk: Okay, sure, yes, it’s been hot. And I know: “Blah blah blah hurricanes!” It’s past the point where you can brush off the fact that we’re having 100-year storms every other week by putting it down to coincidence. And okay, the poor polar bears, it’s tough times for them. Drought, famine and pestilence [Read More…]