Atheist to Christian

Megan Hodder: Last Easter, when I was just beginning to explore the possibility that, despite what I had previously believed and been brought up to believe, there might be something to the Catholic faith, I read Letters to a Young Catholic by George Weigel. One passage in particular struck me. Talking of the New Testament miracles and [Read More…]

Informative Report on Muslim Conversions

Since I wrote Turning to Jesus I have maintained a regular interest in specific patterns of conversion, leading to my co-authored Finding Faith, Losing Faith where specific patterns were raised to the surface. Our study was on the pattern of why Catholics become evangelicals, evangelicals become Catholics, and why Jews become Christians. To set it all into [Read More…]

Mud and the Masterpiece

One of my favorite pastors in the USA is John Burke in Austin TX at Gateway Church. John wrote a book sometime back called No Perfect People Allowed, a book that told stories about how his church was formed by imperfect people finding the grace of God and forgiveness in the face of Jesus. So I [Read More…]

On Childhood Salvation

Andy Hynes, at SBC Voices, has an interesting approach to passing on the faith to our children. He advocates focusing on repentance and faith (those Baptists often skip baptism for some reason). What do you think? What about Jesus’ teachings here? the apostles’? What do you think of the current state of evangelizing children? Advice? [Read More…]

Understanding Conversion

Do you think folks convert at a single moment or do you think it happens (for some) over time? Do you think it happens different for different people — some all at once and others over time? Let me give a big sociological sketch first. Studies reveal that folks, in a general sense, “convert” to [Read More…]

Peter as Process

One of the most stimulating discussions I have had over the years in classes and at churches when I am leading a discussion about conversion or about the Jesus Creed “emerge” from this question: What about you, when do you think Peter was converted? Let’s look briefly at the evidence. In John 1 Peter’s brother, Andrew, has heard from [Read More…]

An Atheist’s Conversion and Last Blog Post

Did you see this? Leah Libresco’s last post on the atheist portal; she has converted to the Christian faith and is now in RCIA. For several years, a lot of my friends have been telling me I had an inconsistent and unsustainable philosophy.  ”A virtue ethicist atheist whose transhumanism seems to be rooted in dualism? [Read More…]

Walking from the Faith

This article, from, is by Valerie Tarico, a psychologist and writer in Seattle, Washington and the founder of Wisdom Commons. She is the author of “Trusting Doubt: A Former Evangelical Looks at Old Beliefs in a New Light” and “Deas and Other Imaginings.” Her articles can be found at Her study overlaps with the reasons [Read More…]

Losing Faith, Finding Faith

Andrea Palpant Dilley, writing about a story I have myself studied in Finding Faith, Losing Faith, a Baylor University Press book: During my junior year in college, I took a butter knife from my mother’s kitchen  and scraped the Christian fish decal off the back bumper of the Plymouth hatchback I’d inherited from my older [Read More…]

Pressing for Decisions

American evangelicalism, and what I mean here is “revivalist” American evangelicalism, is shaped by and oriented toward decisions for Christ. What’s more, revivalist evangelicalism has a soterian gospel designed to precipitate decisions that can be used to measure who is “in” and who is “out.” Which is also to say that revivalist evangelicalism creates a [Read More…]