Religion in Economics Courses? (RJS)

Back in November I put up two posts on a book by Warren Nord, Does God Make a Difference? Taking Religion Seriously in Our Schools and Universities (you can find the earlier posts: The Scandal of Secular Indoctrination and Religion in Science Courses? if interested).  Nord’s hypothesis is that a liberal education – as in liberal [Read More…]

Women, Doubling Down

From Sarah Green and Walter Frick: Wonks have zeroed in on a detail of last Friday’s lackluster jobs report and a recent report from the Urban Institute to discuss a notable data point: a small decline in the number of twentysomething women entering the workforce. Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas of the Washington Post write, “In particular, [labor [Read More…]


The Christian should care both about extreme wealth and poverty, the former because money easily becomes idolatrous and the latter because Christians are to love all and anyone in pain and misery ought to experience the grace of Christians. This recent set of graphs reveals the Top 1% are getting richer and richer while the [Read More…]

Business People 8 (Michael Kruse)

WWJD – What would Jesus do? Most people are familiar with the popular Evangelical movement that sprang up in the ‘90s, inviting people to ask this question about daily life decisions. Many people are aware that this movement was rooted in Charles Sheldon’s best-selling novel, “In His Steps,” written in 1896, featuring a minster who [Read More…]

Business People 7 (Michael Kruse)

I’m so grateful for this excellent series by Michael Kruse. Hope you all appreciate his fair-minded summaries. I believe one of the biggest issues in what Christians say and hope about politics and economics rests upon flimsy understandings of how economies work. Michael Kruse has been a teacher for many of us. How do we [Read More…]

Business People 6 (Michael Kruse)

Today we continue with John Knapp’s How the Church Fails Businesspeople (and what can be done about it). We turn now to Chapter 6, “A Moral Theology of Work.” The business environment can often present significant ethical challenges. Where might we begin as we think about ethical behavior? Knapp suggests a good place to start [Read More…]

Business People 5 (Michael Kruse)

Real estate people say real estate is about three things: location, location, location. Well I suspect integrating business and faith is also about three things: vocation, vocation, vocation. “Vocation” comes from the Latin vocare meaning “to call.” “God calls each of us into the divine relationship, and we respond to this call through the living [Read More…]

The Mansion on the Hill, and Bono

From Mona Charen, in her brief sketch of Arthur C. Brooks. The value that connects ownership and possessions to labor, hard work and one’s ambition is eroding. The American work ethic can be eroded though, and will be, Brooks argues, by an expanding welfare state. It isn’t just that people who believe life to be [Read More…]

Business People 4 (Michael Kruse)

The Godfather movie trilogy has one of my favorites takes on ethics with business: (insert best Brando voice here), “It’s not personal. It’s business.” And then there is the infamous tell-all Mayflower Madam from the 1980s, Sydney Biddle Barrows, who said, “I ran the wrong kind of business, but I did it with integrity.” We [Read More…]

Business People 3 (Michael Kruse)

This series on the church and business people is by Michael Kruse. I hope every pastor reads this. Henri Nouwen once observed that when people came to him for counseling, most of them would open up and readily discuss the most intimate details of their sex lives. But when he began probing about personal finances, [Read More…]