Is the Problem the Wages?

The NYTimes published a piece this week reporting a new school in Washington Hts (from the Equity Project) that has assembled a dream team of teachers, paid them 125 grand a piece with promises of as much as 25 grand for bonuses if the scores are good, and the article is suggesting that the problem [Read More...]

Four Educational Myths

Charles Murray famously spends time deconstructing the myths of public education. He’s not always right, he’s usually politically incorrect, but he’s always worth listening to — especially if you are a public educator. With civility, what do you think (honestly) of his four myths/truths? His newest book, Real Education: Four Simple Truths for Bringing America’s [Read More...]

Education, Discipleship, and the Future 3 (RJS)

One of the topics Scot has emphasized of late has been the future of our church and the importance of youth ministry – defined to cover anyone from 12 to 30 or so.  We have been discussing an aspect of this issue in the context of campus ministry.  Many students hit the University with a [Read More...]

So You Want to Go to Seminary?

I receive a letter like this two or three times a month and thought it might be a good idea to jot down a brief response. First, the letter; then, the response. Hello Scot, My name is [Kip]. I’m a recent graduate of [America's Finest University]. I’ve been thinking a lot about going to graduate [Read More...]

Sandbagging Applications?

I read this piece about parents (!) sandbagging the applications of others [other kids who apply to schools] in our local paper this week. Have you heard of this? And what do you think? [Read more...]

Good Teachers 9

This marks the end of our series on good teachers and the book by Ken Bain called What the Best College Teachers Do. The book comes to an end with one of my pet peeves about education: assessments and evaluations. [Read more...]

Good Teachers 8

How do the best college teachers relate to and with their students? There is a school of thought, and I will call it the authoritative/traditional model, that operates with the teacher as the authority and the primary mode of operation to be passing on the intellectual tradition. But another school of thought not only knows [Read More...]

Good Teachers 7

How do good teachers conduct a class? This is the central question for chp 5 of Ken Bain’s What the Best College Teachers Do, a book I consider the best book I’ve ever read on education. He gives seven principles at work in the classrooms of the best teachers: [Read more...]

Good Teachers 6

In thinking about what good teachers expect from students, we come back once again to the important issue of what learning and education is all about. This is the theme of the second half of the 4th chp of Ken Bain’s exceptional book: What the Best College Teachers Do. [Read more...]

What Incoming First Yr College Students Believe

This study, which comes out every year, maps what this incoming first year students have known their entire life. OK, what do you think about this? [Read more...]