What about those group projects?

Educators, ahem “educrats,” are convinced that if we do group projects in class students will learn the kind of cooperation that is needed in the business world. I don’t mind some in-class “buzz groups” to get students talking about texts, and I do permit students to do one of my Jesus class assignments as a [Read More…]

Should Teachers Befriend Students? 1 (Sam Lamerson)

This series is by friend (and former student), Sam Lamerson, who is now a well-read professor at Knox Theological Seminary in Florida: SHOULD A PROFESSOR BE FRIENDS WITH STUDENTS? Scot was my dissertation mentor at TEDS ten or so years ago.  After I had finished I was constantly asking him for teaching advice and he, [Read More…]

Pressure on our high schoolers

From the NYTimes, which uses this opener for a set of responses: A new documentary, “Race to Nowhere,” looks at the pressures being put on high school students to build their résumés with Advance Placement classes and athletic accomplishments to improve their chances of acceptance at elite colleges and universities. The film captures the angst of [Read More…]

What do you think?

Here’s quite the presentation on educational theories… [Read more…]

Frightening Levels of Cheating

I was sent a link to this page, I read the article, and I was shocked. Utterly shocked. If you paid for papers, turn yourself in. If you are writing papers for others, stop. Nothing short of academic prostitution. Here’s a short clip. Read the whole if you have time. This is the confession of [Read More…]

Top Ten Teacher Movies

CNN has its list, but I think they’ve left out some better ones. What do you think of their list? Anything omitted? 1. Freedom Writers 2. Ron Clark Story 3. Coach Carter 4. Radio 5. Dangerous Minds 6. Dead Poets Society 7. Lean on Me 8. Stand and Deliver 9. To Sir, With Love 10. [Read More…]

Books for Teachers

I got this letter: I am a regular reader of your blog, and we actually met at a conference on preaching a year ago.  It will not be too long before I am in a classroom on a full time basis, and I want to gather resources specifically to help me engage the teaching/”professoring” process [Read More…]

Not all write

If you are in the business world, the bottom line tells the story and one way or another the bottom line often tells the whole story. It’s about making money. If you are a professional athlete, success is the bottom line: you either score under par and win or you don’t and you lose; you [Read More…]

Seminary Re:mixed

Seminaries are today again up for review. The editors at Christian Century have a series of questions we can discuss and then they have a rather firm suggestion as well. How would you answer their questions? If church leaders had the chance to fashion a seminary from scratch, what would it look like? Would it [Read More…]

Homeschooling and Asylum

On homeschooling… What do you think of the homeschooling movement in the USA? The numbers are more significant than you might think (see below after the jump). My father was a public school teacher; Kris’ father was a public school teacher; we have other family members who are public school teachers; we have uncles and [Read More…]