On Reading Fiction 5

Dan de Roulet now finishes up with an insightful interpretation of this story, and I have to say … wow, I didn’t see most of this at work; if I did, it was so inchoate I needed to see it like this to notice it. So, thanks Dan. Here’s Dan’s post: Last time I asked [Read More...]

On Reading Fiction 4

As many of you know, we’re doing a series with Dan de Roulet, an English professor, about reading fiction and we’re using “Revelation” by Flannery O’Connor to get to some of the issues in reading fiction. So, here’s Dan response to my last post: [Read more...]

On Reading Fiction 3

Dan deRoulet is my instructor in this series on how to read fiction. We are looking at Flannery O’Connor’s “Revelation.” He’s asked me two questions — which parables do the exposition and crisis evoke, and where was Mrs. Turpin when she got her epiphany? [Read more...]

On Reading Fiction 2

I’m doing a series with Dan deRoulet, author of Finding Your Plot in a Plotless World, on how to read fiction, a lesson I needed long ago. We are using Flannery O’Connor’s “Revelation” (Collected Works) as our example, and this is part two. This post is by Dan. [Read more...]

On Reading Fiction 1

One of my friends and a former colleague, Dan de Roulet, used to urge me to read some piece of fiction. He just knew I needed to do this, but deep inside I had to admit that I simply didn’t know how to read fiction. One day Dan suggested I read Flannery O’Connor’s great piece, [Read More...]

East, West and the Grand Rajah

One of my best friends and a colleague is Rajkumar Boaz Johnson. I call him the “Rajah” which means “king”, “Raj” means “prince” and “Kumar” means “son.” Boaz is from India and we talk almost every day about our academic work, our school, our department, our families and much about life in general. (He teaches [Read More...]

Thoughts on Cedarville and Claiborne

When I saw the news that Cedarville chose to uninvite Shane Claiborne, I was saddened. Not only because some watch bloggers were behind the event, but most especially because of educational theory and for its impact on students. So, I got to thinking of what I would do if our President had invited someone and [Read More...]


I was invited last week to give the Faith Forum lectures at Eastern University in Philadelphia. It was a wonderful time and the generosity and hospitality of Joe Modica, a long time friend, will remain with me. I could say lots of things, but these are my highlights: [Read more...]

Women and Mary Class

My Monday evening class, “Women, Mary and Jesus,” just started and I have to admit it may have been the best first class session I’ve ever had. To set the whole class into context, we focused last night on discussions about “masculinity and femininity” — asking students to discuss what they are hearing and thinking [Read More...]


This weekend I’m in San Diego at the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion. Last year Kris went with me and it was a revelation. She couldn’t believe how “nerdy” the professors were “all tripping over one another getting to the book stalls.” Well, she’s right. [Read more...]