Good Teachers 5

Three educational stereotypes: Women don’t do well in college mathematics and science courses, African American students don’t do well in college and Mexican American students don’t do well in school. Three stereotypes that good teachers not only recognize but are eradicating because they refuse to accept the stereotypes. Chp 4 of Ken Bain, What the [Read More...]

Good Teachers 4

Good teachers teach in similar ways. One of the patterns of good teachers is how they prepare to teach — how they prepare to engage students. Ken Bain, in What the Best College Teachers Do, writes about the questions these kinds of teachers are asking themselves when they prepare. We looked at #1-6, and today [Read More...]

Good Teachers 3

How do good teachers prepare to teach? This is the second question asked by Ken Bain in his excellent new book on teaching: What the Best College Teachers Do. [Read more...]

Good Teachers 2

The first question Ken Bain discusses in his book, What the Best College Teachers Do, is “what do good teachers know about how we learn?” [Read more...]

Back to School Supplies

I’ve got it made. All I have to get ready for school are my syllabi, fill my fountain pen with ink, put a few things in my book bag, and off to school I go. But, I was thinking about all the school supplies we used to buy when I saw this link on Amazon. [Read More...]

Good Teachers 1

The beginning of August means I read a book on teaching, and my pick this year has been all and much more than I expected. It is by Ken Bain and is called What the Best College Teachers Do. This book deserves to be in the library of every pastor and church educator; parents would [Read More...]

Back to School: Computers

When I went to college, I had a manual typewriter. I think it was our family Royal typewriter. At some point in college my parents purchased for me an Adler electric typewriter. Then while in seminary I got an IBM Selectric. During our two years in England during PhD studies, I typed mostly on a [Read More...]

On Reading Fiction 5

Dan de Roulet now finishes up with an insightful interpretation of this story, and I have to say … wow, I didn’t see most of this at work; if I did, it was so inchoate I needed to see it like this to notice it. So, thanks Dan. Here’s Dan’s post: Last time I asked [Read More...]

On Reading Fiction 4

As many of you know, we’re doing a series with Dan de Roulet, an English professor, about reading fiction and we’re using “Revelation” by Flannery O’Connor to get to some of the issues in reading fiction. So, here’s Dan response to my last post: [Read more...]

On Reading Fiction 3

Dan deRoulet is my instructor in this series on how to read fiction. We are looking at Flannery O’Connor’s “Revelation.” He’s asked me two questions — which parables do the exposition and crisis evoke, and where was Mrs. Turpin when she got her epiphany? [Read more...]