No Child Left Behind — What Worked?

Ben Casselman: Nearly a decade and a half later, No Child Left Behind is often described as a failure, and there is no question that the law fell short of many of its most ambitious goals. Most schools didn’t come close to achieving the 100-percent-proficiency mandate, which experts never considered a realistic target. Subsequent research found that the law’s penalties [Read More…]

Self-Directed Study

Will this work? Erin Siegal McIntyre: Nothing in particular stands out about the two adjoining rooms at South Burlington High School, one littered with desks, the other lined with simple grey cubicles. Yet the 30 students working inside are taking part in a uniquely personalized curriculum unlike anything their peers—or most U.S. high-school students—ever get [Read More…]

Hillary Clinton and Educational Outcomes

Source: According to the transcript, Clinton responded, “I believe in diagnostic testing that teachers can use to try to figure out how to help individuals and classes deal with their learning challenges. I do believe that there can be and should be a set of tests that everybody agrees on.” “And I have for a [Read More…]

Heaven Promise Livestream Event

  Missed Scot’s LIVE Q&A on The Heaven Promise? Not to worry…you can watch it on demand right here! Who goes to heaven? What to make of all those “heaven and back” books? What about rewards in heaven? Watch the on demand version of Scot’s Livestream from October 14th, 2015 right here. And use the [Read More…]

Teacher Burnout: Why?

Angie Miller, through Valerie Strauss, at WaPo: It is August, the Sunday of summer, and teachers everywhere are battling their back-to-school demons, trying to balance precious time with their families while also reflecting on how to improve their practices and preparing for (more) rolled-out districtwide initiatives. I don’t know a teacher right now who isn’t [Read More…]

CCCU and Dissenters

Evidently, the decision by Eastern Mennonite and Goshen — two (progressive, if I may) Mennonite faith-based colleges/universities — have opened the door to same-sex marriages and this has led to some schools bolting from the CCCU: (Update) July 14: More member schools of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) may bolt if the [Read More…]

Neocosmopolitan or Non-cosmopolitan?

Source: Temporary residents will not assimilate or acculturate as do those who immigrate. But… what can be done here? The university, McMullen says, is aiming to help international students “assimilate, acculturate and get a fuller, richer college experience.” It’s also asking: “How do we get American students, especially Iowans who can be noncosmopolitan, to know [Read More…]

Tuition Debts Revealed

See this from WaPo? Take a look at the article at the link: [Read more…]

Do We Need Libraries?

My answer is that we need librarians today more than any time in history. Librarians are the priests and priestesses of knowledge and they can mediate the resources of this world to us. But some today don’t think we need libraries. Carlos Lozada: Libraries are repositories of books, music and documents, but above all of nostalgia: [Read More…]

15 Women Leading the Way

It is International Women’s Day, and we saw this set of images of what women are doing in the world and then saw this story: Source: In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re honoring 15 women who are using their voices, leadership and influence to make progress for girls’ education globally. March 08, 2015 by GPE Secretariat [Read More…]