Majors and Money

From NPR: What impact should numbers/realities like these have what major a student chooses? [Read more...]

Why More and More are Enrolling in DMin Programs

From Andy Rowell: 5 reasons why there are so many people doing D.Min. programs today 1. A Ph.D. is too painful and a D.Min. is just right. I think it is too expensive, long, and painful to get a Ph.D. for most people. The average time for a Duke Ph.D. in Religion is 5.8 years and that is one [Read More...]

Diane Ravitch, School Reform, and Changing Her Mind

From The Atlantic: The survival of the school-reform movement, as it’s known to champions and detractors alike, is no longer assured. Even a couple years ago, few would have predicted this turn of events for a crusade that began with the publication of A Nation at Risk in 1983, gathered momentum as charter schools and Teach for America [Read More...]

Women, Doubling Down

From Sarah Green and Walter Frick: Wonks have zeroed in on a detail of last Friday’s lackluster jobs report and a recent report from the Urban Institute to discuss a notable data point: a small decline in the number of twentysomething women entering the workforce. Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas of the Washington Post write, “In particular, [labor [Read More...]

A New Kind of DMin — for you?

We are very excited about the interest and applicants to our new DMin at Northern that I will be directing. Here’s our announcement: Northern is excited to announce a new Doctor of Ministry in New Testament Context. “The DMin in New Testament Context will give pastors the opportunity of a lifetime.  In my speaking and [Read More...]

The Shadow System in Education

From WSJ: Mr. Kim works about 60 hours a week teaching English, although he spends only three of those hours giving lectures. His classes are recorded on video, and the Internet has turned them into commodities, available for purchase online at the rate of $4 an hour. He spends most of his week responding to [Read More...]

Yes, Spelling Matters

Yes, of course, we all have typos and sometimes we think we are spelling a word correctly when we aren’t, and sometimes the clever folks inside our computers and smartphones anticipate what we are about to write and change a word and now it just looks goofy. But… I make this contention: I know of [Read More...]

Education: A Rant about Liberals

From Jacobin, by Lois Weiner: The major theme in this article is that public education can’t be “fixed” until a social vision is implemented, a social vision that attacks both economic and social inequalities. An eloquent call to “reclaim the conversation” challenges leading liberal educators to repudiate their involvement in what’s being called “corporate school reform.” We [Read More...]

Erring on the Side of … what?

Yes, this is how George Saunders summed up his moral charge to the graduates of Syracuse: So, quick, end-of-speech advice: Since, according to me, your life is going to be a gradual process of becoming kinder and more loving: Hurry up.  Speed it along.  Start right now.  There’s a confusion in each of us, a [Read More...]

Where Have All the Male Teachers Gone?

Source: [Read more...]