The Day of the Lord Will Come (RJS)

2 Peter 3 is a well known passage concerning the Day of the Lord. A vision of the judgment to come and the effect this judgment will have on creation. Scoffers doubt that the end will come, and focus on their own evil desires. 2 Peter warns the reader… But they deliberately forget that long [Read More...]

Let Creation Rejoice (RJS)

A couple of months ago I received a copy of the new book Let Creation Rejoice: Biblical Hope and Ecological Crisis by Jonathan Moo and Robert White courtesy of the publisher, IVP Academic.  With other books in progress, this is the first chance I’ve had to dig into it.  I’ve been looking for a book [Read More...]

Jesus is Coming, So Go Plant a Tree!

What one believes about the future — kingdom, heaven, utopia — determines how one lives now. What one believes, say, about heaven and kingdom determines what one believes and does when it comes to ecology. Yes, ecology. Perhaps I could say it this way: Your backyard or garden reveals your eschatology. N.T. Wright, in Surprised by [Read More...]

We Must Believe in Age Redux (RJS)

Awhile ago I put up a post derived from a collection of essays by Dorothy Sayers published in  Christian letters to a post-Christian world and republished a decade or so later as The Whimsical Christian. Although both are now out of print, used copies remain available.  Sayers deserves a far broader readership than she receives. [Read More...]

Life in the Age to Come

That’s what our Creed, the Nicene Creed, leads us to confess weekly (if we are in that sort of segment of the church). Notice what we confess: “We believe in … the life of the age to come.” We believe life has the final word, not death; we look death in the eye and through [Read More...]

The Good, Bad and Ugly about Christian Eschatology

Many of us are just turned off when anyone wants to write or talk about “eschatology.” I know I usually am, and here’s why: I grew up RaptureWorld where Christian eschatology was about the Rapture, about Jesus’ returning (almost)  to earth to snatch up genuine Christians, which didn’t include most who said they were Christians. [Read More...]

Preaching Hope, Preaching Judgment

How often do you hear a sermon at your church that develops what we find in the Creed: “I believe in Jesus Christ … who will come to judge the living and the dead, [and in] the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting”? This theological creed affirms a constant theme of the Bible: [Read More...]

A New Position Challenged

There is a rise of young (and not just young) theologians who don’t believe in the soul, who don’t believe the soul is immortal, who don’t believe the soul goes to be with God after death as it awaits reunion with the body at the resurrection. In essence, this view is non-dualistic and therefore teaches [Read More...]

Tasting the Future Now

If you were a 1st Century Jew or Roman or Greek perhaps the most incomprehensible claim of the Christians was the belief that God’s kingdom, the Eschaton, was already at work in the here and now. That claim is on the horizontal plane of time: the future is now. At times a vertical move was [Read More...]

The One who Sits is Standing

Here’s the order of our Christian faith: Jesus lived, Jesus died, Jesus was buried, Jesus was raised, and Jesus was exalted. The exaltation entails the “ascension” of Christ and most of our gospel theology, not to mention gospeling itself, never mentions the ascension at all. Yet, the gospel in The King Jesus Gospel, where I don’t [Read More...]