Never Alone

This essay was previously blogged under “What to read” but I have now, at the helm of Bob Robinson, posted it as a link and a pdf file. Never Alone “…the truth that reading and its necessary twin, writing,constitute not merely an ability but a power.”— Jacques Barzun “Every old man complains,” so said Samuel [Read More…]

Wrestling with Jacobs: An Essayist to Know

Essayists are humans who stick their nose out and sometimes their neck and, if truth be told about some of them, the entire body. Regardless, each sticks out her or his mind and scratches down some thoughts on paper. And, when you read them, you begin a wrestling match because instead of leading you along [Read More…]

Emergent Style? The Essay Form

An interesting discussion for me is whether or not to call this Emergent “thing” a “church” or a “movement” or a “conversation.” Let me weigh in with these thoughts, and then suggest what I think is the quintessential literary form for Emergents. First, I think it can be said with a fairly robust confidence that [Read More…]