The Soul of Evangelicalism: What Will Become of Us?

Not long ago I posted on the loss of the evangelical soul, a post in part stimulated by the tone of conversations I am witnessing on FB. Everybody’s a prophet these days and thinks so because, so they think, they are speaking truth to power. They’re not. They’re yelling in a barrel full of self-appointed [Read More…]

Evangelicalism’s Impulse to Restore

“Back to the Bible” summarizes one of the central features of American evangelicalism. Another word for this is the desire to restore the church to its New Testament origins; one might say it is a form of retrieval. One more way of saying the same: “no creed but the Bible.” In his excellent new book [Read More…]

The Bible and America

The United States of America chose intelligently and rigorously not to have a national religion/faith. American Christians have not been so rigorous, even if intelligent. Instead of a national religion we have Americans of all persuasions seeking to express their viewpoints and claims and, at the same time, using the political process to implement those [Read More…]

Evangelical Progressives: A Public Theology of Community

When it comes to institutions aligned with evangelical progressivism it is not as easy to say “there it is” but when it comes to people, one can point directly at Jim Wallis. While I’m not convinced many Christians who seek to influence the state have an explicit teleology, an activist commitment to influence forms the heart [Read More…]

Are Evangelicals Fundamentalists? (by David G. Moore)

By David George Moore.  Dave blogs at I became a Christian at Arizona State University through the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru).  A few months later, I was browsing the shelves in a Christian bookstore.  I stumbled upon a booklet which immediately caught my attention: Campus Crusade Examined in Light of Scripture. [Read More…]

Patheos and the Future of Evangelicalism

If you haven’t seen the series, Patheos has asked a horde of bloggers to prognosticate on the future of evangelicalism — and it’s an admirable set of sketches from a variety of angles. I didn’t have time to read them all, nor do I pretend to know each author, but there’s a problem when it [Read More…]

Did Evangelicals Re-Engage Culture with Neo-Evangelicalism?

The standard narrative: the fundamentalist movement turned American evangelicals/fundamentalists away from cultural, political and social involvement and Carl Henry’s famous The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism called evangelicals back into the engagement. In Matthew Avery Sutton’s new book, American Apocalypse, that story is challenged, and here are three lines then the pertinent paragraph calling Henry to task, [Read More…]

American Evangelicals and the American Apocalypse

I was nurtured in the kind of American faith that was utterly convinced that the Rapture or the Second Coming — in essence, Judgment Day — was coming soon, if not very soon, and it was a good thing to be on the right side, which we were. While our pastor did not regal us [Read More…]

A Few Thoughts for My Friends in the Gospel Coalition (by David Moore)

By David George Moore.  Dave blogs at Two Cities. Bear with me a bit, but some personal background is needed.  Theologically, I have sympathies with a “Calvinistic” understanding of salvation, but a deeper commitment to the “consensual Christianity” that theologians like Wesleyan Tom Oden have written about.  This is the Christianity which finds its anchor [Read More…]

Three Problems for Politicizing a Local Church

Let’s agree with a general observation: evangelicals churches tend toward Republican politics while the mainline churches tend toward Democrat politics. I see three problems with this widespread reality in the American church, and I’m sure you can add to this brief discussion of other problems: What impacts of politicizing the church do you encounter? First, [Read More…]