Question for Your Family

Is Your Family OK? By John Frye Simon Peter’s mother-in-law was knocked out of commission because of fever. After the news-making event in the synagogue (Mark 1: 21-28), Jesus with Peter and Andrew, James and John meet for roasted calf dinner at Peter’s house. Jesus enters into the very family life of Peter and Andrew, [Read More…]

The Pastoral Challenges of the Family

I am grateful the Vatican has chosen a General Assembly to expound a Christian theology of family in the context of evangelism. I have clipped the opening paragraph to the document (only a working paper called Instrumentum laboris) and then the outline. The Catholic Church’s document on social work remains the finest study ever, and I suspect next [Read More…]

Churches and the Family

From First Things, an interview with W. Bradford Wilcox: What can churches do to bridge the growing class divide in American family life? My argument to the bishops was three-fold. I suggested that 1) Churches need to be a voice for economic justice for lower-income families by, for instance, advocating for more generous child and [Read More…]

Spare the Rod… Healthier Child?

From USA Today, but of course not all agree (by the way, I recommend William Webb, Corporal Punishment in the Bible, if you want to see someone take on this issue with some hermeneutical finesse): Children who are spanked, hit, or pushed as a means of discipline may be at an increased risk of mental [Read More…]

Divorce and Custody

My friend, Tony Jones, testified in court. The issue, in part, is percentage of custody; the issue, at its heart, are laws that favor mothers and discriminate against fathers. Here’s some of Tony’s post: Last month, I testified in front of the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee of the Minnesota Senate. I spoke in favor of Bill 1402, [Read More…]

Outdoor with Kids

Jennifer LaRue Huget: I had the luxury of working at home when my kids were little. We played outside all the time, because my flexible schedule allowed it. But I can’t fathom how mothers and fathers who spend all day at work can manage to come home, fix supper, tend to all the things that [Read More…]

Parents Not Proud of Children

Emily Yoffe gets a letter from a father who is less than happy with his son’s choice of career and lack of ambition, but “Prudie” turns the letter inside out into a lesson about parenting and love: Dear Concerned, As I started reading your letter I thought, “We’ve seen this movie so many times before.” Slacker [Read More…]

How Should We Respond? (RJS)

We are all molded by a variety of influences and influencers – those who encourage and those who discourage. Nature, genes, environment, nurture, circumstance, heroes, the Spirit… parents, grandparents, pastors, professors, friends. We are also products of our time and culture. The way we interact with important issues in relationships – whether it be with [Read More…]

Parenting Perceptions

K.J. dell’ Antonia: What does this say about our culture? “It’s not baby-sitting when Daddy does it.” It’s been seven years, but I’ve never forgotten those words. My neighbor across the street was heading out for work, tall, well-dressed and ready. Her child, a few years older than mine, had just wailed, “But I don’t [Read More…]

Learning from Children

By Eric Hulse is a Holistic Health Coach. His practice focuses on teaching parents how to regain control of their health in order to improve the health of their families. Visit his website or follow him on Facebook for tips on how to increase your energy, reduce daily stress, and regain your happiness. Below is a list [Read More…]