Parents-Teens Arguing

From NPR: Who has a story to tell us about how to help your teens in the midst of debates? what’s the best thing you ever did to help? If you’re the parent of a teenager, you likely find yourself routinely embroiled in disputes with your child. Those disputes are the symbol of teen developmental [Read More…]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kris and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We will be traveling this morning to spend the day with family from hither and yon, and we are grateful that everyone will be together. Blessings on your day. [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 6

From the Pew Research Center: Now the word “Share” is not entirely clear, so here’s my read: in 1960, 76% of college grads or higher were married; in 2008 only 64% of college grads/higher are married. That right? [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 5

From the Pew Research Center: [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 4

From the Pew Research Center: [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 3

From the Pew Research Center: [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 2

From the Pew Center: [Read more…]

Marriage Changes 1

Over the course of the next few days, I will be posting some graphs from the Pew Center Research report: [Read more…]

When your child is “prodigal”

From H. Norman Wright, interviewed by Carla Barnhill: So if a child does rebel, despite the parent’s best efforts, it must be devastating. How can parents deal with the emotions that come with a prodigal child? I counsel parents to start by allowing themselves to grieve the loss they’re experiencing. This is a major upset. [Read More…]