On Museums

From the Onion: CHICAGO—Visitors to the Art Institute of Chicago reported Saturday that their trip to the celebrated museum was entirely dominated by the guilt they felt for not lingering long on any one painting before moving on to the next. “I know these are masterpieces, and you’re supposed to let their brilliance wash over [Read More…]

Your Favorite Joke? (RJS)

The interview with John Polkinghorne discussed in the post Tuesday concludes with Dean Nelson asking for Dr. Polkinghorne’s favorite scientific joke. Dr. Polkinghorne responds with the requested scientific joke and his favorite theological joke (27:15 in the audio; 54:20 in the video). DN: I think you have your favorite science joke – what is your [Read More…]

Which will it be?

The time is coming and, like the Borg, it’s inevitable. Last night we were with a group from NPU at David and Linda Parkyn’s home celebrating Christmas. Not only were we in the presence of friends and good music, but Linda pushed to think about a topic one more time. She asked what we would [Read More…]

Church Sign Wars

HT: JF [Read more…]

Critical Thinking

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Which of these is the best?

Jailhouse Rock, by Mr Elvis Presley: Always on my Mind [Read more…]

The British Invasion

Dave Clark Five, Because Because [Read more…]

Herman … the other one

You gotta love this one: And this one (but Herman needs some dance lessons; his hair looks like the Bieber guy): But, seriously, how did this one make it? [Read more…]


Remember this band? What were you doing when you hear them? I was in junior high. I wonder if “SuperStar” has even heard of this excellent band. [Read more…]

There’s a place called …

Kokomo! Seriously, The Beach Boys are America’s greatest band. Second in the world only to The Beatles. It doesn’t even matter if Tony thinks otherwise. And a perfect song for Faculty Meeting: [Read more…]