The Gospels of Sin Management and Their Empty Allegiance

American evangelicalism is what it is because of its gospel. Dallas Willard calls its gospel the “gospel of sin management.” American liberal Protestantism is what it is because of its gospel. Dallas Willard also calls its gospel the gospel of sin management. (Some of you will know I call this gospel the “soterian” gospel in The [Read More...]

Chew It Through Afresh (RJS)

Fairly often in the discussion of issues surrounding the intersection of science and faith some mention is made of the inherent lopsidedness of the discussion. Theology, it appears to many, has to respond to science, as if it is the younger sibling and the less robust method of knowing. But I think this is a [Read More...]

What Kuyper Said

What Abraham Kuyper said about religion can be said about the gospel. Here’s Kuyper: Of course, religion, as such, produces also a blessing for man, but it does not exist for the sake of man. It is not God who exists for the sake of His creation; — the creation exists for the sake of God [Read More...]

King Jesus — in Japanese

Ever since Sachi Nakamura (Twitter) contacted me about translating King Jesus Gospel into Japanese I’ve looked forward to this day: and here it is, whether you can read it or not. King Jesus Gospel in Japanese, so tell your friends who are Japanese or who can read or speak Japanese. It is beyond an honor [Read More...]

From the Shepherd’s Nook, by John Frye

Soterian “Destination Gospel” The soterian gospel boils down the biblical Story of the King Jesus Gospel to mere destination: going to heaven when you die. All the potent minerals and healthy vitamins of God’s grace-driven renovation of the entire cosmos are cooked out. As a pastor, I think this has had disastrous results for the [Read More...]

You might have a soterian gospel if you…

The soterian gospel is a rhetorical bundle of lines about the doctrine of salvation that came to the fore in the 20th Century. I had lunch recently with a missionary who told me he’s been struggling with the “soterian” gospel for years and is so glad I wrote The King Jesus Gospel because it put into [Read More...]

The Shepherd’s Nook: Inside the Soterian Gospel

This post is by John Frye. Soterian Gospel = Proof-texts and Logic We considered last week the reduced, soterian gospel and its relation to the church. “Jesus died on the cross so you can go to heaven when you die” has, we noted, no relation to the church. That “gospel” allegedly precedes and creates the [Read More...]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye

Pastors, I’m Just Saying, by John Frye If I take a dry, yellow sponge and dip it in water tinted with blue food coloring, the sponge will emerge the color of pale green. The sponge is no longer yellow and it is not completely blue. Yet, the sponge has changed. The USAmerican evangelical church has [Read More...]

The Reality of the Resurrection (RJS)

One of the biggest hurdles to orthodox Christian belief in our world today is affirmation of the bodily resurrection of Jesus as historical reality. After all we know better than this. Isn’t it a much more reasonable and enlightened approach to realize that the empty tomb is a myth – and the resurrection appearances hallucination, [Read More...]

The Gospel: David Fitch and I

We are not discussing gospel today just because someone says we should. There is a widespread conviction that what many understand the gospel to be is not what the gospel is — in other words, many think we have to begin all over again and construct our theology and our praxis on the basis of [Read More...]