Gospel 16

The gospel that went from Jerusalem to Samaria had the same “content,” as we saw yesterday: it was about Israel’s history, about Jesus as Messiah, and about the kingdom of God. We might then say it is about a Person and the Society around that Person. Now we turn in Acts 8 and Philip and [Read More…]

Gospel 15

The gospel moved from Jerusalem and a gospel-shaped message for Jews to the Samaritans. When it did, this is what we read in Acts 8: [Read more…]

Gospel 14

From the Gospels we move today to the Acts of the Apostles on the meaning of the word “gospel” or “preach the gospel.” The first text is Acts says it all: [Read more…]

Gospel 13

Some of the texts in the Gospels about the “gospel” don’t tell us enough to help us define what how the NT authors understand the “gospel.” So, I’ll gather together three texts (and their parallels) because each assumes we know what it means. [Read more…]

Gospel 12

One final text for this week on gospel, and it is potent one: [Read more…]

Gospel 11

The gospel of the kingdom can take on “happy” tones if we are not careful. Notice this “gospel” text: [Read more…]

Gospel 10

In Luke 7 the following events are reported: Jesus heals the centurion’s son, he raises the widow’s son, he has words for John the Baptist about who he is and who John is, and Jesus is anointed by a sinful woman — and it set off a firestorm by a Pharisee and Jesus explained what [Read More…]

Gospel 9

The passage about the gospel in Luke 4 is breathtaking; in some ways it sums up and carries through everything Jesus says about “gospel.” But there are other texts that need to be discussed as we ponder the meaning of “gospel” in a world obsessed with truncating it to one or two or three or [Read More…]

Gospel 8

We come to the end of this week’s series on gospel with a potent passage, one dearly loved by liberation theologians and justice workers and one of which many reducers of the gospel today are fearful. Here’s my opinion on this matter: liberationists tend to reduce the gospel to this text while the traditional evangelical [Read More…]

Gospel 7

We look today and tomorrow at two formative texts for seeing what Jesus means by “gospel”. Today we begin with Mark 1:14-15, a text that is comprehensive. [Read more…]