Gospel 1

We begin a new biblical study on the word “gospel” today. We will start with some references in the Psalms and then tomorrow in Isaiah before we turn to the New Testament. [Read more...]

Evangelizing Postmoderns

A regular question I get asked goes something like this: “If you believe in a robust gospel, how then do you evangelize?” I’ve got two books to recommend to you: [Read more...]

Friday is for Friends

How have modernity and postmodernity distorted how we understand the gospel? Jon Wilson, in his Why Church Matters, asks this question in chp 7: “Discipleship as Human Flourishing.” And we start with a bang: [Read more...]

A Letter to a Question-full Christian

I have been corresponding with this person for most of this school year. This letter, however, seems destined for the Jesus Creed community and so I asked his permission — and he gave it. So here it is. I will answer some of the top half of the letter today; tomorrow we’ll look at the [Read More...]

Letters to Emerging Christians: Romans Road

Last week Krista wrote to me and then I began last week’s post with this: Your question is a good one, and it is one that has haunted my own academic career for more than twenty years. Here’s your question: “how one should react to those preaching the traditional Romans road– especially at Bible Camps [Read More...]

Do you hear static?

Static, that’s the title of Ron Martoia’s new book. Ron is a former student of mine and now is a “transformational architect”. I’m not quite sure what that is, but it sounds cool. As Ron’s former teacher, I must admit that I’m proud of what he has done. But, I have to say this: he’s [Read More...]

The Unobserved Racism

A colleague of mine, Soong-Chan Rah, recently saw something, said “enough is enough,” pointed to a blatant case of Christian racism, called the authors and leaders, got to the publisher (Zondervan), and ignited genuine learning that found its way to reconciliation. Here’s the story: [Read more...]

Theopolitical Imagination

At times on this blog I have observed that I believe far too many Christians anchor too much of their hope in a political party and in the next election — whether local or national. My own conviction is that Christians need to anchor their hope in God and in the manifestation of the gospel [Read More...]

Risen Indeed!

1 Corinthians 15 connects resurrection and redemption more profoundly than anywhere else in the Bible. He became what we are so we could become what he is; our union with Christ ushers us into the resurrection. Here’s a scriptural reading for Eastern morning: [Read more...]

Kris and I were invited

Kris and I were invited down for a Saturday event at North Point church in Alpharetta, Georgia (northside of Atlanta). I was asked to address the Starting Point leaders on Embracing Grace. Starting Point, North Point’s weekly small-group conversations with those interested in the Christian faith, is directed by Jason Malec and Norton Herbst (I’m [Read More...]