Gospel 6

Following John was Jesus, and he too was a gospeler, one who preached the gospel. Today I want to begin with some general summary passages that set up Jesus as a gospel preacher. [Read more…]

Prosperity Gospel: Does it help the poor?

Peter Berger, well-known sociologist, goes against everyone’s grain and the fashionable, trendy screeds in this piece in Books and Culture. When I read Berger’s ideas on the train during my commute, my jaw dropped. By the way, I’m a huge fan of Books and Culture. Used with permission. [Read more…]

Gospel 5

We live in an age that seems intent on narrowing the gospel to even singular issues. What I find in these discussions is not that the person who argues for a singular issue (as central or the most important element) is wrong but imbalanced. To reduce the gospel to a singular issue runs the serious [Read More…]

Gospel 4

A second glorious text about “gospel” in the Lukan infancy stories is found in Luke 2, but this one concerns Yeshua (Jesus) and not Yohanan (John). It is found in Luke 2:8-14. [Read more…]

Gospel 3

Any searching of the meaning of “gospel” in the Bible will find rich fertile ground in the glorious infancy chapters of Luke 1–2. So, I begin with one such text in Luke 1 — this one about Gabriel, Zechariah, Elizabeth, and John Baptist. [Read more…]

Gospel 2

We turn today to Isaiah in our study of the word “gospel.” [Read more…]

Gospel 1

We begin a new biblical study on the word “gospel” today. We will start with some references in the Psalms and then tomorrow in Isaiah before we turn to the New Testament. [Read more…]

Evangelizing Postmoderns

A regular question I get asked goes something like this: “If you believe in a robust gospel, how then do you evangelize?” I’ve got two books to recommend to you: [Read more…]

Friday is for Friends

How have modernity and postmodernity distorted how we understand the gospel? Jon Wilson, in his Why Church Matters, asks this question in chp 7: “Discipleship as Human Flourishing.” And we start with a bang: [Read more…]

A Letter to a Question-full Christian

I have been corresponding with this person for most of this school year. This letter, however, seems destined for the Jesus Creed community and so I asked his permission — and he gave it. So here it is. I will answer some of the top half of the letter today; tomorrow we’ll look at the [Read More…]