Risen Indeed!

1 Corinthians 15 connects resurrection and redemption more profoundly than anywhere else in the Bible. He became what we are so we could become what he is; our union with Christ ushers us into the resurrection. Here’s a scriptural reading for Eastern morning: [Read more…]

Kris and I were invited

Kris and I were invited down for a Saturday event at North Point church in Alpharetta, Georgia (northside of Atlanta). I was asked to address the Starting Point leaders on Embracing Grace. Starting Point, North Point’s weekly small-group conversations with those interested in the Christian faith, is directed by Jason Malec and Norton Herbst (I’m [Read More…]

My Talks to IVCF

The Story of the Eikons and The Story of the Gospel. [Read more…]

Gospel and church

In my two lectures (MP3) at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, I addressed the gospel and the church. But I must say this: GRTS, under the careful eyes of both President Doug Fagerstrom and Peter Osborn, know how to do things right. This was a first-rate conference for local pastors and students. [Read more…]

Politics and the Church

The NY Times article on Greg Boyd’s church in Minneapolis is catching attention. Why? (Below.) [Read more…]

Politics and the Church

The NY Times article on Greg Boyd’s church in Minneapolis is catching attention. Why? (Below.) [Read more…]

More on Sin

My friend Joel Green recommended that I read Ted Peters’ Sin: Radical Evil in Soul and Society and I’m glad for Joel’s suggestion. This is a really fine theological and soul-ish analysis of sin. There is a pastoral element to the entire book, and it is loaded with story and excellent quotations. What do you [Read More…]

The Gospel of Grace

In 1:1 of Romans Paul tells us he is devoted to, or set apart unto, the “gospel of God.” What is the gospel? It might be good today for us to look at this term in Romans. We’ll look at “gospel” (euaggelion) and “preaching the gospel” (euaggelizo). [Read more…]

Risen Indeed!

The Lutheran church across the street from us has an annual Easter weekend custom: on Good Friday they station Roman soldiers outside the grave, they stay there all weekend, and then on Easter morning Jesus gets up from the grave and walks outside. Here are the soldiers guarding the tomb on Holy Saturday. [Read more…]

Loving the Other-ed One

Way back in November, I shut down a series on the Sermon on the Mount to get ready for Advent and Christmas. Today I want to resume that series. Today we look at Matthew 5:43-48. Most know this passage as the “love your enemies” passage. Good term, but the “enemy” is almost surely the “Gentile” [Read More…]