Christian Century and the Gospel

Turnabout is fair play. The progressive postured The Christian Century has a brief post by David Heim asking folks to reduce the gospel to seven words. They found a nice selection of folks, but I’d classify them all as soterian gospels. In fact, I’d classify them as “God loves us” gospels. Here are some of the [Read More...]

TGC and Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?

Because of the number of folks writing me to respond to this question here goes… TGC, as I understand it, will devote some of its energies this year to the gospel and if Jesus preached it, but a video was put up on their site in which there is a conversation with D.A. Carson, Tim [Read More...]

My Favorite Lecture Ever

I return to the seminary classroom this Fall at Northern Seminary. Thinking about a return got me to pondering teaching at TEDS decades back, and that led me to my favorite lecture ever. Here goes… [Tracy, if you are reading, this one's for you!] In the Autumn of 1989, I gave a lecture to my [Read More...]

Lee Wyatt Explains the Gospel

From Lee Wyatt: “What Do You Say?  Evangelism in 2012 For some time now I have been pondering what the presentation of the gospel to the world might look like in light of some of the changes in biblical and systematic theology over last several decades.  I don’t intend to rehearse those changes here.  Others [Read More...]

King Jesus Gospel in a Soterian Church

A letter from a reader: I found your work The King Jesus Gospel (how I missed it I do not know) and it is answering many of the questioned that I had. As a reforming Soterian, I feel like I was attending a child’s tea party which has the appearance of the real thing, without [Read More...]

Piper and What We Must Believe

I have a friend who has chatted with me for years about what a person must believe in order to be saved. In his case the issue often comes down to whether one must believe Jesus is God, and he has contended that no text telling people what to do or believe in the NT ever [Read More...]

What Makes Preaching/Teaching Christian?

Trevin Wax, at LifeWay, has a post up about the gospel and making Jesus central, and he is asking a good question: What makes preaching or teaching distinctively Christian? NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) — There has been a lot of talk in recent years about making the Gospel announcement of Jesus Christ front and center in [Read More...]

King Jesus Gospel for Kids

This is by Ben Irwin, and is a beautiful rendition of the king Jesus gospel, written for his daughter Elizabeth. The King Jesus story It all began with God. God made everything you can see. (And even some things you can’t see!) God made the world to be his home. Then God made the very [Read More...]

God’s Yes

One of the purest gospel passages in the entire New Testament, 2 Corinthians 1, can be reduced to one word that describes the dynamic, glorious, inexpressible implication of the gospel: that word is Yes. In Christ God says Yes to the divine plan for the world, to the covenant with Israel, to the Trinitarian covenant, [Read More...]

Instead of the Sinner’s Prayer…

I’ve been asked more than once What do you say, then, when you are calling people to … here the words matter but I don’t want to parse them at this point … decision? I have observed, with David Platt, that the Sinner’s Prayer is neither here nor there; it’s not the point; it can [Read More...]