The Gospel of Historic Baptists

I’ve been following the kerfuffle among the Southern Baptists when it comes to Calvinism and Arminianism, and that means I’ve taken some interest in the statement by those representing traditional Baptists. Of course, I wanted to see how they define gospel, so I thought I’d post their statement and then offer a few remarks: Articles [Read More...]

The Central Question in Evangelism

What do you think is the central, or even the most important, question in evangelism? Here is an interview I did for CP with Napp Nazworth, who writes up a fair and accurate report of our conversation: Evangelical Christianity has been shaped by a “salvation culture,” but should strive for a “Gospel culture,” says Dr. [Read More...]

When is the Gospel at Stake?

I’m bouncing off a post that claims too many Christians are Chicken Littles because they run around claiming and worrying and showing their faithfulness by saying the sky is falling down all the time. That is, they think the gospel is at stake in every conversation. Deny inerrancy? The gospel is at stake. Deny the [Read More...]

From Genesis 3 to Romans 3

I have come across, or been sent, a number of published (book or internet) items about the gospel, and nearly every one of them comes from the same sector of the church and each one presents the gospel in nearly identical form. In the last few years the gospel has become especially important to The [Read More...]

Half the Sky and the Power of Story (RJS)

I expect this post to be one of my least well-read posts of the year. That alone is an indictment of our church today – and of its leadership, as most of the people who read Jesus Creed are leaders in some form in the church. It isn’t an indictment because women’s issues should be [Read More...]

N.T. Wright and those Pesky Creeds

Tom Wright doesn’t back down from this claim: those who read the Gospels by way of the Creed will miss what the Gospels are saying. He doesn’t back down then from this second claim: if we read the Creed by way of the Gospels — understood in context — we will read the Creeds as [Read More...]

The Gospel from the Air

Matt Chandler, in his new book, The Explicit Gospel, makes a case for two dimensions of gospel — one on the ground, which is basically individual salvation, and one from the air, which he calls the meta-narrative of the Bible. The former focuses on God, man, Christ, response; the gospel from the air focuses on Creation, [Read More...]

Abraham and Israel for Normal People (RJS)

Peter Enns and Jared Byas have a new e-book Genesis for Normal People designed to introduce Christians who have little if any formal training in biblical studies to the ancient voice of Genesis and to the purpose and focus of the book. It will rock the world for some because it presents the purpose and [Read More...]

The Gospel of God’s Glory

There’s a cottage industry of books about the gospel, and Matt Chandler’s book, The Explicit Gospel, is the newest one produced. No one is any more satisfied than I in seeing a focus on gospel, an area on which I have been focusing for about a decade. Odd, isn’t it, that the heart of our faith [Read More...]

Gospels as Foundation Documents for Church

Three approaches to the Gospels blunt their force, and it is hard to escape all three: skeptics think the Gospels are unreliable and reflect only (or at least mostly) the faith of the early church; Bultmannians believe the historical record doesn’t matter since faith is about encounter with power of God; and moralist preachers find [Read More...]