The Greatest Drama Ever Staged (RJS)

A couple of weeks ago I posted from Christian Letters to a Post-Christian World, a selection of essays by Dorothy Sayers, unfortunately out of print now (but also available under the title The Whimsical Christian: 18 Essays I believe). This is a volume well worth coming back to – and I will.  Sayers deserves a [Read More…]

The Gospel, The Synoptics

About a year ago Jonathan Pennington, a professor at Southern Seminary in Louisville, e-mailed me about my old (and first) book, Interpreting the Synoptic Gospels, which was going out of print at Baker. I assumed that his book was going to be their replacement for my book, but his new book, Reading the Gospels Wisely: A Narrative [Read More…]

Honest Answers to Honest Questions

What is perhaps most remarkable about the Christian faith is how adaptable and resilient it is. Think about this set of factors: the Story of God’s presence in an ancient people (Israelites) took on a different life with the Man from Galilee (Jesus) whose life and death and resurrection became the core of a Roman-Jew [Read More…]

Third Way Gospel: Tim Keller’s Proposal

Tim Keller proposes a Third Way gospel. And he thinks our era, because it is largely unchurched and Christianity is not our culture, needs a focus on gospel renewal or revival. Revival is needed not just because of our time but also because it focuses on the heart, that is, on personal response to God [Read More…]

Gospel Diversity

Often enough folks say Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom, John the gospel of eternal life and Paul the gospel of justification. Tim Keller joins these folks in his new book, Center Church. Keller’s intent though is not so much to join the chorus of diversity within the New Testament as to say the gospel [Read More…]

Keller on the Gospel

“The gospel,” Tim Keller, “is not everything.” Yet he also says, “Because the gospel is endlessly rich, it can handle the burden of being the one ‘main thing’ of a church.” I am glad that an increasing number of pastors and theologians are pushing hard against the notion that the gospel is the rudimentary thing [Read More…]

Mechanics and Me

For many the gospel has been reduced to Me. The operative question is “What’s in it for me?” Or, more intelligently, “What are the personal implications/benefits of the gospel for me?” When this is the operative question the gospel gets reshaped into therapeutics: how it can help, how it can save, how it can rescue, [Read More…]

Christian Century and the Gospel

Turnabout is fair play. The progressive postured The Christian Century has a brief post by David Heim asking folks to reduce the gospel to seven words. They found a nice selection of folks, but I’d classify them all as soterian gospels. In fact, I’d classify them as “God loves us” gospels. Here are some of the [Read More…]

TGC and Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?

Because of the number of folks writing me to respond to this question here goes… TGC, as I understand it, will devote some of its energies this year to the gospel and if Jesus preached it, but a video was put up on their site in which there is a conversation with D.A. Carson, Tim [Read More…]

My Favorite Lecture Ever

I return to the seminary classroom this Fall at Northern Seminary. Thinking about a return got me to pondering teaching at TEDS decades back, and that led me to my favorite lecture ever. Here goes… [Tracy, if you are reading, this one’s for you!] In the Autumn of 1989, I gave a lecture to my [Read More…]