National Pastor’s Convention

I’ll be in San Diego next Tuesday through Thursday, speaking at the National Pastor’s Convention. Hope to see some of you. We are in a two-day emerging church event called Critical Concerns (Tony Jones, Dan Kimball, Doug Pagitt, John Burke, Ryan Bolger, and Le Ron Shults). Then I have sessions on Wednesday and Thursday on [Read More...]

Jesus and Homosexuality 6

If those who are summoned to the table of transformation by Jesus are to love God, they are also to love others, and this has significant implications for the issues that swirl around homosexuality and the Church. It works in two directions, and not just one: [Read more...]

The Pope and I

I’m not saying Benedict XVI has read Jesus Creed, but his first encyclical is a very nice and clear presentation of a theological and biblical understanding of love and he gets it going with Jesus’ modification of the Shema. (HT: Timothy Morizot). [Read more...]

The Jesus Creed Lite

All of the Torah and all of the Prophets, Jesus says, are summed up in this simple golden rule: “do to others what you want them to do to you.” Allison says no one called this the “golden rule” before the 18th Century, but what I would call it is the Jesus Creed Lite: it [Read More...]

You and Jesus

A test I give to my Jesus of Nazareth students at the beginning and end of the semester, which I may have put on this blog before, derives from the North England Institute for Christian Education. This test asks questions of you and then of Jesus and, if done over a big group of people, [Read More...]

Loving the Other-ed One

Way back in November, I shut down a series on the Sermon on the Mount to get ready for Advent and Christmas. Today I want to resume that series. Today we look at Matthew 5:43-48. Most know this passage as the “love your enemies” passage. Good term, but the “enemy” is almost surely the “Gentile” [Read More...]

National Pastors Convention: Invitation

Zondervan has asked me to offer you this invitation: Dear friend: In just a few weeks I’ll be part of the 2006 National Pastors Convention in San Diego on February 22-25, 2006. I thought you might be interested in what this convention can offer you. If you go to , you will find all [Read More...]

Churches and the Jesus Creed

For Pastors and churches that used the Jesus Creed for a Bible study or more in your church. (This announcement is not for individuals who used this, but for churches.) If you would like to be in the “Pastor’s Circle” for my forthcoming books, please send the following to Name Church’s name or Organization’s [Read More...]

Abe Lincoln and the Jesus Creed

From Carl Sandburg: Henry C. Deming, Congressman from Connecticut, reported that when Lincoln was asked why, with his obvious interest in religious matters and his familiarity with the Bible, he did not join a church, Lincoln replied: When any church will inscribe over its altars, as its sole qualification for membership, the Savior’s condensed statement [Read More...]

The Lord’s Prayer 3

The Lord’s Prayer is an amendment of the Jewish prayer called the Qaddish. We stated in a previous post that the amendment was just like the amendment Jesus made to the Shema, where a balance between loving God and loving others was achieved in the Jesus Creed. The first half of the Lord’s Prayer, which [Read More...]