A Place at the Table

Last weekend, at the kind invitation of the leaders at New Covenant Fellowship (The Bridge) in Champaign IL, Kris and I traveled through the windy plains of central Illinois to do a Jesus Creed weekend. One of our home town friends, and someone I grew up (in church) with, Lorna Engels, planned, organized and … [Read More...]

Video for Jesus Creed

This is from Journey Church in San Diego and from Paraclete Press, but I wanted to repost this because I like them so much: And this older DVD promo: [Read more...]

Love Is the Name of the Game (RJS)

As I was preparing last week’s post A Conversation About Genesis, I came across the YouTube video of this extended reflection by Tom Wright put out by World Vision as part of a Faith Effect campaign in Australia. This is an excellent clip – well worth the 11 to 12 minutes or so it takes [Read More...]

Jesus Creed, the Harder Life

Time to return to the basics: Jesus reduced the Torah to its essence when a scribe asked him what the greatest commandment was. Jesus responded by saying there are two: Hear O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with [Read More...]

It Begins Here

Alan Jacobs, in his exceptional and wide-ranging book, A Theology of Reading, makes a simple point that has sent my mind reeling and my heart into confession and prayer — and some reflection on how wide-ranging the Jesus Creed can become. Here it is: genuine interpretation of another’s writing is an act of love or [Read More...]

Wearing the Jesus Creed

A pastor friend sent me this picture of one in his fellowship who has the Jesus Creed inscribed on the back of her coat. Cool. [Read more...]

Stress and the Jesus Creed (RJS)

A frequent reader sent me a link recently to a series of YouTube videos from a PBS special describing a body of research exploring the link between stress and human health (HT JG). One of the featured studies is a 30 year field study of a troop of baboons in Kenya led by Professor Robert [Read More...]

Jesus Creed for Students — Giveaway

Syler Thomas and Chris Folmsbee, both youth pastors, and I have combined to write a Jesus Creed book for students. This is a completely new book from anything I’ve written. It has been edited and edited to make it understandable and useful for students. Today we are making a very special offer. We are giving [Read More...]

Spirituality Assessment Tool

The following test is designed to work with my book, The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others. I am a bit of an assessment nut, so the test actually measures the degree to which readers begin to conform to what is written in the Jesus Creed (and the Companion Guide). I make no pretense that [Read More...]

The Cost of Reputation (RJS)

This week leading up to Christmas provides opportunity for another reflection – one related to the story and  discussion in Tuesday’s post (Discrimination?).  The sermon this last Sunday at our church was centered on the texts in Isaiah 7 and Matthew 1 … in particular the reaction of Joseph to the discovery that Mary was [Read More...]