North Point

Saturday afternoon, about 3pm, Kris and I were sitting in the front row at North Point Church in Atlanta. I was mulling over what I was about to say when I realized that Bill Willits, a leader at North Point, was calling to the stage three friends of ours: Norton Herbst, Steven Redden, and Jason [Read More...]

Jesus Creed Blog: Welcome!

The name for this blog came from a book I wrote called Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others. That book has one central theme: that Jesus understood the moral life as one made of two loves – loving God and loving others. We believe that this vision of Jesus is not just for the specific [Read More...]

In Taiwan!

Here is a copy of the The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others Jesus Creed in a Taiwan bookstore standing proudly next to Tom Wright’s book. We were sent this picture by Dawn Husnick, whose story (the emergency room act of uncommon grace) I told in A Community called Atonement. Just in case you are [Read More...]

Jesus Creed — The DVD

Paraclete has now completed, with professional expertise, our DVD presentation of the Jesus Creed project: Jesus Creed — DVD. I hope you consider it for Sunday School classes, adult Bible study groups, and a way to get a conversation started. (There is a YouTube clip below.) [Read more...]

Jesus Creed goes to China

This week we got a nicely wrapped package from Paraclete, and inside the package was two copies of Jesus Creed … in Chinese. Here’s a picture and then a calculation: [Read more...]

40 Days for Fathers

Paraclete has just released my new book, 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed in the format of a daily email. Beginning on Sunday, June 15th (Father’s Day) and continuing for forty days, you can receive all of 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed each day in your inbox. You can sign up yourself and also [Read More...]

Preparing for Pentecost 30

We come to the end of our series. We are flying today to South Africa where I will be preaching a series of sermons on the themes of Pentecost. (Our home will be looked after by TK and our daughter, Laura.) Pentecost, I believe, empowers us to transcend our human inabilities and to transform our [Read More...]

Preparing for Pentecost 29

The last five chps of 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed are dedicated to specific examples of the Jesus Creed in action in the pages of the New Testament. [Read more...]

Preparing for Pentecost 28

We might not realize it today, but the most intense challenge the first followers of Jesus met was including Gentiles into the people of God, the ecclesia. No, even more challenging was loving those Gentiles. Peter points the way. [Read more...]

Preparing for Pentecost 27

The apostle Paul was a Jesus Creeder, and so in chp 27 of 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed, I look at the Jesus Creed in the hands of the apostle Peter when he ventured to establish churches in Asia Minor (Western Turkey today). [Read more...]