On Taming Jesus

When do we tame Jesus? when is the Jesus of the Gospels and the Jesus of our faith tamed? If spirituality is formation into Christlikeness then taming Jesus diminishes spiritual formation. Where has our formation been shortened by taming the Jesus toward whom we are to grow? Most of our taming of Jesus is invisible to [Read More...]

Fr. Robert Barron on Reza Aslan’s Jesus

Word on Fire by Robert Barron: The Jesus that Aslan wants to present is the “zealot,” which is to say, the Jewish insurrectionist intent upon challenging the Temple establishment in Jerusalem and, above all, the Roman military power that dominated the land of Israel. His principle justification for this reading is that religiously motivated revolutionaries [Read More...]

Christ Centered Creation! (RJS)

In the previous two posts (here and here) we looked with Ronald Osborn (Death Before the Fall) at the cosmic theodicy of C.S. Lewis and the creation narrative in the book of Job (a passage we too often overlook to our own detriment). Today we turn to the perspective that I see as the central [Read More...]

Revising the “Deity of Christ” Discussion

If you are listening to the theological discussions today the magical term is no longer “deity” but “identity.” So I’m happy to see Mike Bird, in his Evangelical Theology, open up the chp that talks about the deity of Christ (the chp title is “The Story of Jesus and the Identity of God”), with these words: [Read More...]

From the Shepherd’s Nook – The Glory of Jesus

By John Frye Suppose theology started here: “Thomas said to him, ‘My Lord and my God!’” (John 20:28). John’s Gospel offers this: crucifixion wounds + resurrection wonder = glory. A thoroughly Jewish man, Thomas, is confessing to the resurrected man, Jesus of Nazareth, acclamations of adoration and surrender reserved only for Israel’s one true God, Yahweh. The context is [Read More...]

Incarnation’s Significance

The Incarnation of God in Christ has become fashionable. Not only does it mean God has taken up our case by becoming what we are, but it has also reached into a “theology of creation” — or the excellence of creation and the justification of life in this world. A recent example of probing Incarnation [Read More...]

The Manly Man and the Son of Man

Alexander the Great, son of Philip of Macedon and heir of the great Macedonian empire, proved himself in battle and militarism, expanding the Macedonian empire through strategic military victories across Turkey (334, 333), the Holy Land (Coele-Syria, 332), Egypt (332), Babylon (331) and on into India (324). In 323 BCE he becomes ill in Babylon [Read More...]

No “Ands” in Grace

Sarah Bessey’s beautiful post (more at the link) on the sufficiency of Jesus: What are some more “ands”? You need Jesus….. and circumcision. You need Jesus …. and baptism. You need Jesus … and the right voting record. You need Jesus … and natural family planning…. Let go of your “should” and your “ought to” [Read More...]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: Review of John Ortberg

Again, the Friday Shepherd’s Nook column is by John Frye. I am using John Ortberg’s latest book, Who Is This Man?: The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus (Zondervan: 2012) for our adult Sunday School class. The class is a mixture of adult singles and younger and older couples. A reaction I got from an [Read More...]

Jesus for the Perplexed

A recent book in the excellent “Guide for the Perplexed” series is by Helen K. Bond, a notable New Testament historian at the University of Edinburgh. Her book is called The Historical Jesus. Raising this topic means we need to get a few ideas straight again. The historical Jesus is the reconstruction, by an individual scholar, of [Read More...]