Kingdom: IH Marshall and S McKnight

A kind reader has recently read my Kingdom Conspiracy, observed that he had seen a view along my line in none other than I.H. Marshall, and sent it to me to read. Here it is — Howard and I both teach that the kingdom is a people, and that people is the church. The Kingdom of [Read More…]

A World with a Better Name

Those who are images of God are summoned to build a world with a better name, so says Brian Harris. This is the 5th of six building blocks in a Christian worldview — all expounded with clarity in The Big Picture: Building Blocks of a Christian World View. In other words, the Christian worldview entails [Read More…]

René Padilla, Kingdom and Church

Because René Padilla has been so concerned with the marriage of gospel and social justice/action, he has also been concerned with the relation of the church and the kingdom. He outlines his view in his book Mission Between the Times. He sees Jesus himself as the present reality of the kingdom. He dabbles (not all that [Read More…]

Resisting the Kingdom Trend

The biggest challenge to traditional kingdom theory is coming from NT scholars and tide is changing. The kingdom trend is to think Jesus and the apostles mean one of two things when they use the expression. Either it means the dynamic rule or reign of God or it means social justice and peace. In my book Kingdom Conspiracy I call [Read More…]

Kingdom of God and the Unchurched (by Rubel Shelly)

This post is by Rubel Shelly, a friend and a leader in the Churches of Christ, and I suspect his post is in part a response to my claim that kingdom work can be done only by kingdom people. Here is his post and I turn it over to you: Agree, disagree? How does it [Read More…]

Teaching a Kingdom Narrative in a Church

The majority of us are taught the faith through a set of theological ideas, whether they are the Creed, a Reformation Confession, a church’s statement of faith, or a systematic theology. Well and good, we’ve done this quite well. But teaching the faith through a set of beliefs works against (1) the essential narratival structure [Read More…]

Kingdom, Church, Love, by Greg Boyd

This is the concluding post in Greg Boyd’s series on the kingdom of God, and the link takes you to his site where you can read the whole series, which I recommend: God has leveraged everything on the Church loving like Jesus loved, as outlined in our previous posts in this series. “By this the [Read More…]

Ten Marks of a Kingdom-Shaped Church

The following post is my set of notes for a lecture I give that plays off of Jeff Foxworthy’s famous humorous introductory line, “You may be a redneck if…”. This post then is about “You may be a kingdom mission church if…” The lines are not expounded so there are just notes and lines about [Read More…]

The Kingdom and Lipscomb

April 22 and 23 I was down at Lipscomb University at the sponsorship of Missio Alliance and Lipscomb’s fine Bible and theology department in the Hazelip School of Theology for an evening discussion of A Fellowship of Differents, and then a double morning session on Kingdom Conspiracy. The two sessions on the 23d featured a panel discussion with [Read More…]

Kingdom and Lipscomb University

From the recent flyer distributed through Lipscomb University and Missio Alliance: The Hazelip School of Theology and Missio Alliance invite you to participate in a conversation forum with noted scholar and author Dr. Scot McKnight. The event will focus on McKnight’s recently published book, Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church. [Read More…]