McLaren’s Secret 4

“How do you get on the side of Jesus and his secret kingdom?” Or, what if a modern person wants to follow Jesus, “What do you do?” How do you move from “egotism, racism, consumerism, hedonism, and its associated –isms to the expansive kingdom of God (in which, we might say, all those -isms are [Read More…]

McLaren’s Secret 3

The 9th chp in Brian McLaren’s The Secret Message of Jesus concerns global mission. He properly sets the Christian mission in the Jewish context where there was no active mission. McLaren ties the global mission of Jesus to the blessing of Abraham (Gen. 12:4): God’s people are to be a blessing to the nations. Here [Read More…]

McLaren’s Secret 2

The second section of Brian McLaren’s The Secret Message of Jesus is called “Engagement” and Brian investigates the meaning of kingdom. Today we look at what he says about Jesus’ communicative style via parables, miracles, and exorcisms. While the book is an exploration of the meaning of kingdom for Jesus, the book also sets the [Read More…]

McLaren’s Secret

Brian McLaren’s new book, The Secret Message of Jesus, seems somehow to have escaped the sort of reviews that his other more recent books have — Generous Orthodoxy and The Last Word and the Word After That. I’d like to record a few observations over the next few days about this newest book from McLaren. [Read More…]

Immigration: Bryan’s Story

My name is Bryan and I read your blog regularly (I’ve only commented a couple of times). I noticed you posting on the immigration situation (I read the one you posted today). I was wondering if you’ve read Bob Ekblad’s book Reading the Bible with the Damned? [Read more…]

Immigration: What about Onesimus?

On the immigration issue, there is a bit a stalemate on this blog, though there has been good discussion, and I thank each of you for your comments. But, I’d like us to consider it all from a different direction: What about Paul and Onesimus? [Read more…]

Dave Miller: Jesus and Justin

Dave Miller writes and sings a song about Justin Delp, who had a degenerative disease that took Justin’s life as pre-teen. Justin and Jesus were alike. This song is worth the price of admission; it is called “Just Longing.” [Read more…]

Dave Miller: Singing about Work

In Dave Miller’s new CD, Dave Miller, explores in song how we as Christians can look at our work and turn it from labor to vocation. What got me going about these songs was the confidence of the voice when talking about Jesus the worker and the wonder , even melancholy, when it comes to [Read More…]

Southern Hospitality at Springdale

Pastor David Butler and his dear wife, Gayle, hosted Kris and me this weekend at Springdale Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky, and were we treated to kindness! But even more than that, we loved the fellowship and the reports of the ministry flowing into and out of Sprindale. Where to begin? [Read more…]

To the Streets: Homelessness

One of my students, Tim King, was overwhelmed by the needs of the homeless and has joined others to found a marvelous ministry to the homeless: [Read more…]