A Robust Kingdom

The most annoying response I have received from others about my Kingdom Conspiracy book is this one: “I see what you are saying, but I’m Kuyperian or I’m a skinny jeans person or I’m a liberation theologian or I’m Niebuhrian.” OK, each of those is located in the history of interpreting the kingdom but the issue for biblical theologians, and [Read More…]

Kingdom of God, Politics, and Romans 13

In a recent blog post, Greg Boyd, who endorsed my Kingdom Conspiracy, weighs in on why we dare not let kingdom of God be connected to politics. He provides 12 reasons and I endorse the thrust of his post — yet over and over we see folks using the expression “kingdom of God” for political activism [Read More…]

NT Wright’s Holy Impatience

When it comes to the meaning of biblical terms — like gospel, kingdom, heaven — not a few of us can get irritated and clearly a recent example of yet one more attempt to correct the church and to get the church back on track is N.T. Wright’s chapter “Distorted and Competing Gospels” in his [Read More…]

Revolution in Eschatology Today?

There is a widespread meme at work in how Christian theologians are now talking about the future — about heaven or the new heavens and the new earth or about the final state. It has three parts: Part A: Most Christians — seemingly all — think they go to heaven when they die and that [Read More…]

Pope Francis, Jesus and the Church

Source, Vatican Insider: Francis calls for ‘peace in hearts, peace in families, peace among the nations’. He then highlights that ‘It is not possible “to love Christ but without the Church, to listen to Christ but not the Church, to belong to Christ but outside the Church”’. That is because ‘the Church’s activity and mission, [Read More…]

On the term “Kingdom”

When Jesus announced that the kingdom had drawn near (Matthew 4:17), that word “kingdom” only made sense if his contemporaries were looking forward to a kingdom. What kind of kingdom was that? The way to answer this question is first to take a good long look at the Old Testament use of the term, and [Read More…]

The Character of the King

A kingdom is a people ruled by a king just as an empire is a people ruled by an emperor. The character of the king determines the character of the kingdom just as the character of the emperor determines the character of the empire. We know the stories of ruthless emperors or at least the ruthless acts of emperors who [Read More…]

The Biggest Mistake in Kingdom Talk

The most common mistake I hear when people are talking about kingdom is comparison talk. It goes like this or this or this or this: “So you think kingdom and church are the same (but not identical), then you need to come to my church because that will show you the difference.” “Kingdom is the [Read More…]

Kingdom: A Proposal

My proposal for understanding kingdom is that we need to let the Bible’s use of the term “kingdom” shape our kingdom theology. Why? Because our kingdom theology will shape kingdom mission, and what spiritual practices/disciplines we develop will follow from mission and kingdom but also reshape mission and kingdom. If kingdom means justice (often in the [Read More…]

Interview on Kingdom Conspiracy

David George Moore, who regularly does interviews and reviews for the Jesus Creed, decided to turn the tables and interview me on the recently released, Kingdom Conspiracy: Retuning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church.  Dave blogs at www.twocities.org. Moore: A note to the Jesus Creed community (and Scot is not paying me for [Read More…]