Is the gospel inherently social?

The question many Bible readers have asked and are still asking, and an observation many make at the visceral level, is this: Is there a driving concern for social justice in Paul’s letters? Daniel Kirk, in Jesus Have I Loved, But Paul?, brings in slavery and how slave owners often justified slavery and subjugation in [Read More...]

Cessationism and Another Gospel (by T)

This post, on Cessationism, Word-Faith and ‘Another Gospel,’ is by T, a regular contributor here. (I’m ready to call him a Jesus Creed Correspondent.) [Cessationism, roughly, means the miraculous gifts seen in the New Testament have ceased and are not therefore today.] I want to start this discussion with our ideas of ‘gospel.’ As we’ve [Read More...]

What about a prophetic word?

If Jesus was prophetic then the church that follows him is prophetic. Do you believe in a prophetic word today? Not only do you think anyone speaks prophetically today, but do you see Scripture as the prophetic word? Luke Timothy Johnson’s new book Prophetic Jesus, Prophetic Church examines these questions and probes what the church [Read More...]

“Social” Justice (Tim King)

Tim King is a former student of mine, works with Jim Wallis, and is pointing out something I would affirm. The word “social” has been added to the word “justice” because “social” has been too often neglected. Having said that, though, I would plead with us to learn to use the word “justice” biblically — [Read More...]

Steve Jobs’ Legacy: Kingdom Work?

The word “kingdom” is perhaps the flabbiest term being used by Christians today. In fact, many who like “kingdom” would rather they not be called “Christians.” This good word of Jesus’, which he inherited from his scriptures and from his Jewish world, has come to mean two wildly different things today: for some it means [Read More...]

More Like Prayer 2

Just war is the game nations play today. Can a war ever be just? Can a Christian participation in a war ever be just? John Howard Yoder’s last book, published posthumously on the basis of his lectures in Warsaw (Poland), Nonviolence – a Brief History: The Warsaw Lectures , devotes a lecture to the just [Read More...]

More Like Prayer 1

Out of the story of America’s social history in the 20th Century will arise the names of people who, instead of using violence, chose a militant nonviolence — a stubborn, robust, principle-driven approach to establishing justice and abolishing injustices. Those names will begin with Martin Luther King Jr, but behind him and alongside him will [Read More...]

Letter about “Kingdom” in One.Life

A pastor sent me this note about One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow and I asked for his permission to post his letter and respond to it here. One.Life makes a case that diverges somewhat from some standard understandings of “kingdom.” He asked about it. Here’s his letter and my response is after the jump. I [Read More...]

Discipleship for “Next Christians” 1

Gabe Lyons labels contemporary Christians the “next Christians” in his new book (The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America). He calls these next Christians “restorers” and finds the following six characteristics: Gabe provides six characteristics of the Restorers: 1. They are Provoked, not offended. 2. They are Creators, not critics. 3. They [Read More...]

Secularizing Kingdom

The word “secular” and the word “kingdom” should not be brought together. The paradox of what I’m hearing is that “kingdom” is being overwhelmed by the word “secular.” Example: last Thursday in my Introduction to the Bible class I discussed what “kingdom” means in the teachings of Jesus. I sketched a few ideas that I [Read More...]