The Character of the King

A kingdom is a people ruled by a king just as an empire is a people ruled by an emperor. The character of the king determines the character of the kingdom just as the character of the emperor determines the character of the empire. We know the stories of ruthless emperors or at least the ruthless acts of emperors who [Read More...]

The Biggest Mistake in Kingdom Talk

The most common mistake I hear when people are talking about kingdom is comparison talk. It goes like this or this or this or this: “So you think kingdom and church are the same (but not identical), then you need to come to my church because that will show you the difference.” “Kingdom is the [Read More...]

Kingdom: A Proposal

My proposal for understanding kingdom is that we need to let the Bible’s use of the term “kingdom” shape our kingdom theology. Why? Because our kingdom theology will shape kingdom mission, and what spiritual practices/disciplines we develop will follow from mission and kingdom but also reshape mission and kingdom. If kingdom means justice (often in the [Read More...]

Interview on Kingdom Conspiracy

David George Moore, who regularly does interviews and reviews for the Jesus Creed, decided to turn the tables and interview me on the recently released, Kingdom Conspiracy: Retuning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church.  Dave blogs at Moore: A note to the Jesus Creed community (and Scot is not paying me for [Read More...]

What Does Kingdom Mean?

The burden of my new book, Kingdom Conspiracy, is answering this question: What does “kingdom” mean? I want to begin this session by tapping on a few doors to see who opens the door and asking them what kingdom means. This gives us a sampling of kingdom usage in the church today. It is in no particular [Read More...]

Where is the kingdom?

D. Bonhoeffer, Christmas Night sermon, 25 December 1940 (DBW 16.616). It is no longer a worldly throne and kingdom as it once was but a spiritual throne and kingdom. Where are Jesus’ throne and kingdom? They are where he himself is present, reigns, and governs with his word and sacrament, in the church, in the [Read More...]

The Vid for Kingdom Conspiracy

[Read more...]

Kingdom Then, Kingdom Now

If one keeps an ear close enough to the ground one might just hear a subtle shift at work in kingdom and heaven language. It works a bit like this: Heaven no longer matters that much but kingdom language is awesome. That language about the future kingdom has quietly become either a fictional, rhetorical utopia [Read More...]

Kingdom Conspiracy (by Josh Graves)

Chapters 1-2 Review for Scot McKnight, Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church (Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos, 2014). There is, at almost every level of Christian life in America, a tension rising to surface between people’s understanding of the meaning of Jesus’ kingdom. Is the division meres semantics? Is it sociological? Is the [Read More...]

Dallas Willard’s Conspiracy Goes Public

How is the Christian to engage society, the so-called “public” sector, or politics? With the awakening of evangelicals to political activism in the Reagan era, which trailed the more progressive activists of the 60s generation, which trailed the political activism of American mainline liberals, Willard’s answer may seem a bit passé, quaint, or even backward. [Read More...]