Kingdom Gospel 6

So far so good: kingdom means community formation through commitment to Jesus. That community brings justice and it ends every form of oppression. Jesus’ kingdom vision will mean a total spiritual and social make-over for Israel. With everything now in place, Jesus takes an about turn, faces his disciples, tells them they’ve got a blurred [Read More...]

Kingdom Gospel 5

Attentive readings of this account reveal that Jesus had the same solution and saw the same problems seen by Mary, Zechariah, and John the Baptist: injustices everywhere. And he had the same solution: repent and start living together as God’s beloved community. Listen to his words from Luke 4:18-19 that Jesus quotes from Isaiah 61:1-2: [Read More...]

Kingdom Gospel 4

Here are John the Baptist’s words to those who asked what they needed to do to enter into the kingdom of God: John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.” Even tax collectors came to be baptized. “Teacher,” they [Read More...]

Kingdom Gospel 3

I grew up in the gospel I sketched Monday, so when I contend that I think it is right but not right enough, you can take it as friendly fire from one who learned the hard way. Three experiences led me not only to embrace a gospel like what we find in Luke but to [Read More...]

Kingdom Gospel 2

We can’t possibly trot through the whole of Luke’s Gospel so I want to focus on one element of Luke’ Story because it opens up the entire Gospel. Luke’s Gospel, like the rest of the Bible, focuses on the covenant community of faith instead of on an individual’s relationship with God. If you read Luke [Read More...]

Kingdom Gospel 1

If “kingdom” is the solution, what is the problem? Jesus’ gospel message of the kingdom of God is itself a blue parakeet for many today. In fact, many have tamed Jesus’ blue parakeet message of the kingdom and this chapter may well provide a reason why some feel this way. Encountering Jesus’ kingdom gospel not [Read More...]

What about divorce?

How do we apply the Bible to situations of divorce? A pastor recently asked me about this. I’m interested in your response. This is one of the most common subjects I get asked about by my students at North Park. Scot, I’ve got just a few pages left in The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You [Read More...]

Cubs Schedule (vs. LA Dodgers)

Wednesday: 5:30pm Thursday: 8:30pm Saturday @ LA: 9pm (All times Central) The Commish is out to get us; we are playing Thurs and Sat at ridiculously late times. [Read more...]

Keys of the Kingdom: All in one post

Here is a link to the whole our series on the keys to the kingdom. Thanks to Jim Baker for doing this and to Bob Robinson for hosting the link at his site. And below is the full text. KEYS TO THE KINGDOM SCOT McKNIGHT 1 We begin today a series on the relationship of [Read More...]

Preparing for Pentecost 10

Pentecost, the Day God sends the Spirit afresh on God’s people, makes them the kind of people God wants them to be. Pentecost, as we turn to chp 10 of 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed is a promise. The promise of Pentecost or the promised Pentecost or Pentecost promse, it doesn’t matter — the [Read More...]