Regent College

Regent Bookstore is a culture, not just a bookstore, and may well be the best theological bookstore in North America. I was invited by Regent Bookstore to give a set of lectures on The King Jesus Gospel, and it gave me an opportunity to cover some its major themes and develop other themes I have [Read More…]

Larry Hurtado at North Park

Larry Hurtado, Professor of New Testament at Edinburgh University in Scotland, will give the 8th Annual Kermit Zarley Lectures at North Park University this Wednesday and Thursday. Both lectures are open to the public and will begin at 3:30pm. The lectures are held at Isaacson Chapel at the Seminary. Hurtado’s life work has been in [Read More…]

Pepperdine Waves

Thanks to the kind invitation of Jerry Rushford at Pepperdine University (yes, that’s a good picture of what it really looks like), I gave two lectures Tuesday — one to local pastors about my spiritual autobiography and one to the students on the Jesus Creed. Not sure where to begin… [Read more…]

Medieval Education

Here is a paper I gave at North Park last year, in which I explore an implication or two of the Italian Renaissance writings on education, in which I offer a mild case for their being a good canon of books that are worth reading for all college students. It is also available through the [Read More…]

On a Christian College

I gave a paper some five or six years ago at North Park on the nature of a Christian college, especially as it applies at my school. The exploration of a Christian education through the categories of monotheism, polytheism, and henotheism is suggestive for me, and I wonder what you might think of it. The [Read More…]

On Writing: A lecture

The following is a lecture I gave at North Park, and at a few other places and in a few different forms. It studies “liberal arts” and then encourages writing. I shared some of these in a previous blog, enough wrote to me for a copy of the whole thing, so here it is. I [Read More…]

My Favorite Lecture Ever: Conclusion

3.0 General Discussion At this point another gap occurs in the notes. Theophilus has only a few notes but it appears that there was considerable discussion on where to shelve the Gospels. Simon and Eleazar seem to have been in the middle of it, and it concerned what it meant to be a true Jew [Read More…]

My Favorite Lecture Ever 4

2.3 Plotinus, the Roman: Life of Jesus. Plotinus was next, and he evidently had little to add to the discussion. He stated that his counselors saw the Gospels as memoirs of some early Christians, perhaps the Apostles themselves, or as lives of Jesus. He said that he voted on this one with Aponarius. 2.4 Eleazar, [Read More…]

My Favorite Lecture Ever 3

We’ve had a look at what Aponarius, the Greek librarian had to say about the Gospels and now it is time to turn to Simon the Judean. 2.2 Simon, the Judean: Haggadic Biography Simon declared immediately that, though he had never seen a book of the length of these books dedicated solely to one individual [Read More…]

My Favorite Lecture Ever 2

This post follows up on yesterday’s post about my favorite lecture that got away. The scroll was interesting for it contained the notes of the librarian’s discussions with other experts on where to classify certain books, including such books as what appears to be the letter of James, which Theophilus classified under “Homiles of the [Read More…]